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How to Pray the Psalms - 21 Day Challenge

Updated: Jan 12

If you're just learning how to pray Scripture, praying the Psalms is the place to start. Here's a 21-day challenge to get you started.

Praying the Psalms Challenge

Praying the Psalms is a wonderful devotional practice. If you need assistance, this workbook and the links below will provide an easy-to-use framework for praying Scripture.

The workbook is available from NewStart Discipleship, and is easy to use for brand new Christians as part of their discipleship pathway.

But you can get started even without the workbook, by using the links below:

Praying the Psalms Links

This helpful index of a campaign to teach you how to pray Scripture and help you build the habit of praying the Psalms is designed to help you to have a clear pathway forward for your devotional habits.

How to Train a Congregation to Pray the Scripture

There's no better way to learn a spiritual discipline, than by doing it! If you're a pastor interested in seeing how this program can be made available to your congregation, you can read this post about praying the Psalms, or you can go straight to the page where an unlimited printing license for discipleship materials can be purchased.

Here's an example of the Praying the Psalms workbooks:

praying the Psalms workbooks for small group study

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