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Guide for Praying Scripture: Psalm 16

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

If you're trying to have a better prayer life, learning to pray with the Bible open, so that the words of God guide your words, is a beautiful spiritual discipline to develop.

You can use this Praying Scripture guide to learn to turn prayer and the Word in to a Conversation, instead of a 1-way communication!

Let's begin!

Prayer for Illumination

Father, you said that "the unfolding of your words gives light and imparts understanding to the simple." Shine the light of your Word upon my heart today. Amen.

Guide for praying Scripture: Psalm 16

In many cases, the Psalms convey the author's emotional state. The emotion that David is expressing in Psalm 16 is satisfaction with God. At the end of the psalm, he declares that he finds ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction in God's presence. The actual Hebrew word is "face." This is how close and intimate God wants to be with His children. It is His desire that we find joy and satisfaction in His very face.

Using the ACTS model of Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication, read through Psalm 16 and then pray the following:


Look for anything that tells you what God is like or points to His character and give Him praise.

  • “Father, I praise you that you preserve my life and that you are my refuge” (16:1).

  • “Father, I praise you that you are the source of all goodness” (16:2).

  • “Father, I praise you that you are my inheritance” (16:5-6).

  • “Father, I praise you that you are my counsellor and instructor” (16:7).

  • “Father, I praise you because you are always near” (16:8).

  • “Father, I praise you because you are the source of my joy” (16:9, 11).

  • “Father, I praise you because you are my resurrection and life and that you raised my Lord Jesus from the dead” (16:10).

  • “Father, I praise you that in you and through you I find eternal pleasure and joy” (16:11).

For a quiet moment of reflection and adoration while praying Psalm 16, use this Praying Scripture Guide video:


As you acknowledge who God is and adore Him for all that He is, confession is a natural consequence. This is a moment of introspection as you ask God to search your heart for areas that displease Him.

  • Confess ways in which you may have settled for less than God’s presence.

  • Confess ways in which you may have looked for joy in other things besides God.


This is a time to express gratitude for what God has done and for who He is. Allow the Scripture you have read to feed your thanksgiving.

  • Thank God that He is your stability (16:8).

  • Thank God for the “beautiful inheritance” He has given you. Thank Him, knowing that apart from Him, you would possess no good in this life.

  • Thank the Lord that through Jesus He brings you into His divine presence where His joy is full and infinity satisfying.


In this moment, pray for yourself and others that you will be able to put into practice what you have read and heard.

  • Are you trusting in God in whatever you are facing? Ask God to help you trust in Him as your refuge.

  • Do you delight in God’s holy people? Ask God to give you a joy in the community of the saints (16:3).

  • Ask the Lord to give you a trust and contentment with Christ as your treasure.

  • Psalm 16:1 speaks about God preserving His children. Ask God to preserve your strength, preserve your joy, preserve your family, and preserve your peace.

Hymn of Reflection

To You, O Lord, I fly, and on Your help depend; You are my Lord and King Most High; great God, my soul defend. A heritage for me Jehovah will remain; my portion rich and full is He my right He will maintain. The lot to me that fell is beautiful and fair; the heritage in which I dwell is good beyond compare. I praise the Lord above, whose counsel guides aright; my heart instructs me in His love in seasons of the night. I keep before me still the Lord whom I have proved; at my right hand He guards from ill, and I shall not be moved. Life's pathway You will show, and Your right hand will guide, where streams of pleasure ever flow, and boundless joys abide.

Closing Prayer

Father, you have blessed me with an eternal inheritance through Jesus Christ my Lord. Help me to go forth with faith and be a blessing to all those I meet. Amen.

Prayer Guide written by Rev. Travis Johnson.

Want to Continue in Praying the Psalms?

If you're a pastor and want to train your congregation to pray the Psalms, let me encourage you to check out the new resource from NewStart Discipleship called How to Pray the Psalms.

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