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NewStart Discipleship Introduction

Here's Pastor Darrell Stetler II explaining the NewStart Discipleship Journal & how it can help new Christians grow in their faith. To get this 50-day Bible reading plan for new believers, and its habit forming journaling tools, please watch the video and click below.

NewStart Discipleship feature: How to Pray the Psalms

Praying the Psalms: Psalm 1

Praying the Psalms is a wonderful spiritual practice. It has many benefits, including 

  • Being certain that we are praying in God's Will

  • Focusing our hearts on praise & who God is

  • Avoiding simply "asking for stuff"

  • Giving our prayers variety, instead of just saying the same things

The Praying the Psalms project takes 3 minutes per day to pray over a Psalm, and gives 30 seconds to read the verse and pray over each one. Through this, you'll learn to actually interact with God's Word instead of just reading it... you'll learn to treat it as a conversation with God, instead of an item to check off your to-do list!

Enjoy praying Psalm 1 in this video:

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