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Embracing the Power of "How to Pray the Psalms": A Resource for Pastors and New Believers

Updated: Mar 19

As pastors, we understand the profound impact that spiritual disciplines can have on the lives of our congregants, especially those who are just starting their journey of faith. One such discipline that has stood the test of time is the practice of praying the Psalms. These ancient prayers, penned by inspired souls, offer a raw and authentic expression of human experience in relationship with God.

Unveiling "How to Pray the Psalms": A 21-Day Journey

NewStart Discipleship has introduced a valuable resource designed to guide both pastors and new believers in the art of "Scripture-fed, Spirit-led prayer." This comprehensive program, aptly named "How to Pray the Psalms," is a 21-day journey that aims to deepen one's spiritual connection with God through the timeless Psalms.

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Empowering Pastors to Lead with Confidence

Nurturing New Believers through Scripture-fed Prayer

For new Christians, navigating the vast landscape of the Bible can be overwhelming. "How to Pray the Psalms" provides a structured approach, making it accessible for them to engage meaningfully with Scripture. By focusing on the Psalms, individuals are gently introduced to various aspects of God's character, His promises, and His unwavering presence in our lives.

Spirit-led Prayer: A Foundation for Growth

As pastors, our desire is to see our congregants flourish in their faith, and that begins with a vibrant prayer life. This resource equips pastors to teach the invaluable skill of "Spirit-led prayer," where believers learn to listen for the promptings of the Holy Spirit, allowing God's Word to come alive in their hearts.

Components of "How to Pray the Psalms"

The Printable Workbook: A Tangible Guide to Spiritual Growth

Included in this resource is a meticulously crafted printable workbook. This workbook serves as a practical tool for new believers, offering a structured framework for engaging with the Psalms. Through insightful reflections, guided prompts, and thought-provoking questions, individuals embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Daily Prayer Guides: Navigating the ACTS of Prayer

"Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication" - the ACTS acronym provides a comprehensive framework for prayer. With the daily prayer guides available online, "How to Pray the Psalms" offers a step-by-step approach to help individuals navigate their conversations with God. From worshipping His majesty to humbly confessing our shortcomings, this resource empowers believers to approach the throne of grace with confidence.

Each day of the workbook includes a QR code that points the members of a congregation toward the online prayer guide of the day. For instance, here's the link for Day 1: Praying Psalm 1.

Daily Meditation Videos: Illuminating the Psalms of the Day

Accompanying each day's selection of Psalms is a meditation video designed to provide further insight and reflection. These videos serve as a source of inspiration, offering fresh perspectives on the chosen Psalms. Through the power of visual and auditory engagement, individuals are invited to delve deeper into the heart of each prayer, allowing the words to resonate on a personal level.

To give an example, here's the meditation video for Praying the Psalms - Day 1:

A Printing License for Unlimited Impact

For pastors who subscribe to the NewStart Discipleship family of tools, an invaluable printing license is included. This license grants pastors the ability to print unlimited copies of the "How to Pray the Psalms" resources for their congregations and new Christians, ensuring that this transformative journey is accessible to all.

Conclusion: A Gateway to Deeper Communion with God

In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, the discipline of prayer can sometimes be neglected. "How to Pray the Psalms" offers a guided pathway back to the heart of prayer, nurturing a deeper communion with our Heavenly Father.

As pastors, we have the privilege and responsibility to lead our congregations on this transformative journey, equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to experience the profound impact of praying the Psalms. With this resource in hand, we can watch as new believers flourish in their faith, rooted in the timeless words of Scripture.

Get a Free Copy of How to Pray the Psalms instantly:

You can download a free copy here by putting in your name and email.

Get it for your congregation today! Here's a helpful index of the Psalms available in this 21-day program.

You can a license to print unlimited workbooks by going here:

how to pray the psalms workbooks

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