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Guide for Praying The Scriptures: Psalm 130

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Prayer for Illumination

Almighty God, I come to you today seeking your guidance and wisdom. I ask that you would open my heart and mind to the truths of your Word. Give me the courage to follow your will and to trust in your goodness. I pray that you would lead me to a deeper understanding of your love and grace. Amen.

Scripture: Psalm 130

Psalm 130 is a psalm of trust and hope in God's forgiveness. It begins with the psalmist crying out to God from the depths of despair and expressing his confidence that God is forgiving and will not reject those who turn to Him in repentance. He looks to God as his only hope, and trusts that God will redeem him and bring him out of the depths of darkness. The psalmist ends by urging others to wait patiently for God and to trust in His unfailing love.

Using the ACTS model of Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication, read through Psalm 130 and then pray the following:


Look for anything that tells you what God is like or points to His character and give Him praise.

  • “Father, I praise you that you always hear my cries” (130:1-2).

  • “Father, I praise you that you that you do not keep a record of my sins and because you are full of forgiveness” (130:3).

  • “Father, I praise you that your Word gives me hope” (130:5, 7).

  • “Father, I praise you that you are full of steadfast love and plenteous redemption” (130:7-8).

Adoration Prayer - Video for praying Psalm 130


As you acknowledge who God is and adore Him for all that He is, confession is a natural consequence. This is a moment of introspection as you ask God to search your heart for areas that displease Him.

  • “I confess, Lord, that when I……, I choose to trust myself rather than trust in you.”

  • “I confess, Lord, that I have been impatient about……, as I wait for you.”


This is a time to express gratitude for what God has done and for who He is. Allow the Scripture you have read to feed your thanksgiving.

  • Give thanks to the Lord that He does not keep a record of your sins!

  • Give thanks to the Lord that no matter how deep your pit may be, the Lord hears your cries!

  • Give thanks to the Lord that He gives you hope!


In this moment, pray for yourself and others that you will be able to put into practice what you have read and heard.

  • “Father, _______ (name) is stuck in the pit of…… Please hear their cry and lift them out.”

  • “Father, when I am……, remind me that you are my hope.”

  • “Father, I trust in your grace to hope in your Word, especially in my challenge with……”

  • “Father, I know that you can redeem me, even in my struggle with…...”

  • “Father, I am in the depths of……. Please hear my cry and lift me out.”

Hymn of Reflection

From the depths of woe I raise to Thee

The voice of lamentation;

Lord, turn a gracious ear to me

And hear my supplication;

If Thou iniquities dost mark,

Our secret sins and misdeeds dark,

O who shall stand before Thee?

To wash away the crimson stain,

Grace, grace alone availeth;

Our works, alas! Are all in vain;

In much the best life faileth;

No man can glory in Thy sight,

All must alike confess Thy might,

And live alone by mercy

Therefore my trust is in the Lord,

And not in mine own merit;

On Him my soul shall rest, His word

Upholds my fainting spirit;

His promised mercy is my fort,

My comfort and my sweet support;

I wait for it with patience

Though great our sins and sore our woes

His grace much more aboundeth;

His helping love no limit knows,

Our upmost need it soundeth.

Our Shepherd good and true is He,

Who will at last His captives free

From all their sin and sorrow.

Closing Prayer

Father, as I go out into the world, I ask that your presence go with me, and may your love and grace be the foundation of all that I do. Help me to trust in you, and to seek your will in all things. Enable me to be a blessing to those around me, and may my life always reflect your glory. Amen.

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