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How A Small Church Uses Discipleship Videos: A Case Study

A small church of about 100 members in south Oklahoma City, has established an effective discipleship program, using discipleship videos to help offload training.

For years, the congregation struggled with a lack of a clear discipleship pathway. This changed dramatically when we began utilizing the comprehensive video resources provided by NewStart Discipleship.

The Challenge

Previously, our church, like many small congregations, grappled with the absence of a structured discipleship plan. This often led to a scattered and "winging it" approach whenever someone expressed interest in deepening their faith.

The need for a systematic pathway that could accommodate any new believer or member seeking growth was clear.

The Solution

We decided to integrate NewStart Discipleship's vast array of video resources into our discipleship program. These resources include:

All these resources are available on NewStart Discipleship's YouTube channel, which boasts over 700 discipleship videos, providing accessible and engaging content that members can dive into at any time.

all the discipleship videos and modules in a mockup graphic

The Impact

The introduction of video-based teaching has revolutionized how our members engage with scripture and apply it to their lives. Each video is crafted to teach key scriptural passages and provide daily guidance, making the Bible approachable and applicable.

Video content is versatile! It meets various learning styles and allows members to engage with material at their own pace, which is especially beneficial in a diverse congregation like ours.

Educational Significance of Video Learning

The use of video in education has seen exponential growth across various fields, not just religious education. Platforms like YouTube have become central to informal and formal education, demonstrating the effectiveness of video learning. For instance, a study by Kaltura reported that 93% of teachers believe the use of educational videos improves the learning experience, underscoring the pivotal role of video in increasing retention and engagement rates.


By incorporating NewStart Discipleship's video resources, our church has developed a clear and effective discipleship pathway. This case study exemplifies how even small churches can leverage digital resources to significantly enhance their educational and spiritual programs, ensuring that every member has the opportunity to mature in their faith journey.

Our experience underscores a crucial point: clarity in discipleship is not just "having the right resources." You have to integrate those resources in a way people can access!

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