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Study on Baptism for New Christians: The Baptism Challenge

Equipping Pastors to Guide New Believers into Baptism

NewStart Discipleship announces the launch of "The Baptism Challenge: 21 Days to Prepare for Your Baptism," a powerful new resource for small church pastors dedicated to nurturing new Christians through their baptism preparation.

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Developed by Darrell Stetler II, a pastor with over two decades of ministry experience, this 21-day Bible study addresses a common challenge faced by pastors: guiding new believers through the significant step of baptism with understanding and reverence.

Key Features of The Baptism Challenge:

  • Daily Video Lessons: Each day features a short video that explains aspects of baptism, drawing on scripture and church traditions outlined in the Apostles Creed.

  • Practical Notebook: Participants will receive a printable Baptism Challenge notebook, ideal for journaling thoughts and scriptural reflections, and crafting a personal baptism testimony.

  • Community and Mentorship Focus: Encourages regular engagement with mentors and church community, reinforcing the supportive network essential for spiritual growth.

  • Media Resources: The Challenge includes social media graphics that your congregation can use to advertise their baptism Sunday, as well as media pieces like trailers, etc.

Addressing Pastoral Challenges with baptism:

Many pastors strive to create meaningful baptism experiences but often lack specific tools and plans. The Baptism Challenge provides a structured approach that helps pastors:

  • Educate Effectively: Communicate the theological underpinnings of baptism clearly and engagingly.

  • Simplify Discipleship: Reduce the complexity often associated with guiding new believers into a meaningful baptism Sunday.

  • Focus on Core Doctrine: Keep the essential message of the gospel at the heart of baptism preparation.

From the Creator, Darrell Stetler II:

"As a pastor, I've seen many new believers approach baptism with limited understanding of its profound significance. The Baptism Challenge is designed to equip pastors to lead effectively, and be sure that new Christians not only understand but prepare really well for this sacred moment."

How can I get the Baptism Challenge for my new believers?

The Baptism Challenge is only available as part of the NewStart Discipleship Pathway. For more info and pricing, visit Pastors and church leaders who have a membership can access bulk order discounts and additional resources to help integrate this study into their church programs.

Additionally, a subscription to NewStart Discipleship tools enables a church to white-label the Baptism challenge: to remove the branding and use a local church's logo and branding.

However, if you wish to review a sample copy, you can do that by entering your email and name here:

For more information, or to schedule a consultation, reach out to Darrell at

About NewStart Discipleship:

NewStart Discipleship provides practical, easy-to-use discipleship resources for small churches. Founded by Darrell Stetler II, NewStart is dedicated to helping pastors build strong, disciple-making communities that multiply.

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