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What is the NewStart Discipleship Journal?

NewStart offers this core discipleship tool, the NewStart Discipleship Journal, as a free demo download. Want to know what it is? Let's take a look:

NewStart Discipleship Journal: Empowering Pastors to Foster Spiritual Growth in New Believers

NewStart Discipleship is thrilled to announce the launch of the NewStart Discipleship Journal, a specially designed resource aimed at assisting small church pastors in effectively discipling new Christians. This new tool is crucial for pastors seeking to simplify the discipleship process and ensure that new believers receive a solid foundation in their faith journey.

Challenges of New Believer discipleship:

The NewStart Discipleship Journal addresses the common challenges pastors face when guiding new members of their congregation. These challenges include uncertainty about how to help new Christians get started on Bible study, spiritual disciplines, and mentoring. It also addresses the challenge of communicating the complexities of discipleship in an accessible manner.

Key Features of the NewStart Discipleship Journal

The journal includes several components that together create a comprehensive discipleship tool:

  • A 50-Day Bible Reading Plan: Curated to give new Christians an overview of the 50 most crucial passages, helping them understand the broad narrative of the Bible.

  • Daily Videos: Each day's reading is supplemented with a video explanation from an experienced pastor, breaking down the scriptures in an easy-to-understand format.

  • Journaling Space: Designed to encourage daily reflection and application of biblical principles.

  • Sample Prayers and Meditation Questions: To assist in developing a meaningful prayer life and deeper meditation on scripture.

  • Daily Mentorship Reminders: Encouraging consistent engagement with mentors and the Christian community.

Benefits for Pastors and Congregations

This journal not only has benefits for the individual believer, it also helps the pastor and congregation.

Pastors who adopt the NewStart Discipleship Journal in their ministry will find numerous benefits, including:

  • Printable Resources: A physical journal that can be distributed to congregation members, facilitating both personal and group study.

  • Structured Bible Study: Helping new believers grasp the fundamentals of the Bible and encouraging a routine of daily engagement with scripture.

  • Enhanced Prayer Experiences: Guided prayers based on the Psalms to cultivate a robust prayer life among new Christians.

  • Community and Mentorship: Promotes regular interaction with mentors, enhancing the support system for new believers.

"NewStart Discipleship has been amazing for us as a community trying to get the idea of discipleship implemented," says Daniel Capusan, Discipleship Pastor at a local church. "It's simple and relevant. We were able to get a plan in place, and the resources printed, and ongoing encouragement from the Discipleship dashboard."

newstart discipleship review from daniel capusan

More than a Bible Study

The NewStart Discipleship Journal is designed not just to educate but to help transform. It doesn't simply offer one more Bible study. It's designed to help create the daily habits of spiritual growth that will continue to transform believers. It offers a clear, structured path that pastors can use to nurture the faith of new believers, ensuring they start their spiritual journey with confidence.

Get a free copy for review

You can download a free copy of the NewStart Discipleship Journal right here:

For additional information about the NewStart Discipleship Journal, or to schedule an interview with Darrell Stetler, please contact me at

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