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A Powerful Discipleship Resource for Small Church Pastors: The Obedience Challenge

Updated: Apr 8

Oklahoma City, OK – NewStart Discipleship is thrilled to announce the launch of "The Obedience Challenge," an easy-to-use discipleship resource specifically designed for small church pastors. This innovative 90-day Bible study program is dedicated to empowering pastors to disciple new Christians with a deep understanding of the Gospel as revealed in the commands of Jesus.

discipleship resource - the obedience challenge workbook

Empowering New Believers to Walk in Obedience

In today's fast-paced world, small church pastors often grapple with numerous challenges in discipling new believers. From the lack of a clear discipleship pathway to the complexities of communicating the essence of discipleship simply, these challenges can hinder the effective growth of new Christians in their faith journey. "The Obedience Challenge" addresses these pain points by providing a structured and engaging approach to discipleship, focusing on the teachings and commands of Jesus.

Jesus defined discipleship as "teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you." (Mathew 28:19) But frequently pastors get bogged down in the complexity of ministry, and forget the simplicity of this mandate: Teach your new believers to obey me!

What "The Obedience Challenge" Offers:

  • A Comprehensive 90-Day Bible Study: Delve into the Gospels over three months, focusing on the 48 commands of Jesus and their application in daily life.

  • Printable Obedience Challenge Notebook: A tangible resource pastors can distribute within their congregation, facilitating the study and application of Jesus' teachings.

  • Daily Instructional Videos: New believers will have access to daily videos from Darrell Stetler II, an experienced pastor with over 20 years of ministry, offering insights into obeying Jesus' commands.

  • A 4-Minute Daily Prayer Challenge: Encourage new Christians to engage in prayer through a guided format, focusing on praise, repentance, listening, and asking, based on Jesus' commands.

  • Community Connection: Daily reminders for new believers to reach out to their mentors and fellow Christians, reinforcing the importance of Christian fellowship.

Want to download a sample discipleship resource notebook?

To download a free sample PDF of the Obedience Challenge, put your name and email here:

A Message from Darrell Stetler II, Founder of NewStart Discipleship:

"As a pastor who has navigated the challenges of discipling new believers in a small church setting, I understand the obstacles that pastors face. 'The Obedience Challenge' is more than just a resource; it's a lifeline for pastors seeking to cultivate a culture of obedience to Jesus -- the meaning of discipleship! -- in their churches. It's about taking the guesswork out of discipleship and providing a clear, actionable plan that leads to growth in new Christians."

For Small Church Pastors, By a Small Church Pastor

Darrell Stetler II, the creator of "The Obedience Challenge," brings over two decades of pastoral experience to this resource. His passion for effective discipleship in the local church, combined with his firsthand knowledge of the unique challenges faced by small church pastors, has culminated in a resource that is practical, biblically grounded, and easily implementable.

Where is the Obedience Challenge available?

"The Obedience Challenge" is now available to small church pastors worldwide. For more information and to get started, visit NewStart Discipleship's website.


Darrell Stetler II

NewStart Discipleship

About NewStart Discipleship:

Founded by Darrell Stetler II, NewStart Discipleship is dedicated to providing small church pastors with discipleship tools and strategies for effective discipleship. With a focus on practical, biblically based tools, NewStart Discipleship aims to empower pastors to fulfill the Great Commission in their local contexts.

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