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New Discipleship Resource "Moving from Me to We" Empowers Small Church Pastors

New Discipleship Resource "Moving from Me to We" Empowers Small Church Pastors to Foster Community and Connection

[Oklahoma City, 2024] – In an era where connection and community are more crucial than ever, the new discipleship resource "Moving from Me to We" is designed to address the challenges small church pastors face in cultivating a sense of belonging among new believers. Recognizing that the journey of faith is one best traveled together, this resource provides pastors with a comprehensive toolkit to welcome new Christians into the family of Jesus – the church.

moving from me to we Bible study workbook

Small church pastors are often confronted with the task of developing a discipleship pathway without a clear roadmap, leading to uncertainty in guiding new believers towards meaningful church connection. Additionally, the concepts of church membership and communal discipleship can sometimes be unclear, not only to new believers -- but to the pastors themselves! This lack of clarity and the absence of a structured community integration process can result in new believers feeling isolated within the faith community.

"Moving from Me to We" confronts these challenges head-on by offering a 40-day Bible study focused on the "one another" or "each other" commands found in Scripture.

These commands are the foundation of living in Christian community and serve as the guiding principles for this transformative resource.

Key Features of "Moving from Me to We":

  • A printable, 45-page notebook for distribution within congregations, facilitating group study and personal reflection.

  • An examination of all the "one another" commands of Scripture

  • Daily videos from an experienced pastor with over 20 years of ministry and teaching experience, offering insights into the "one another" commands and how to embody them in daily life.

  • Full integration with smartphones and tablets with QR codes and links

  • Digital tools for engaging your discipleship journey

  • A daily prayer challenge that encourages new believers to seek God’s strength in living out Christian love and connection.

  • Prompts for new believers to engage with their mentors and fellow Christians, ensuring that the journey of faith is a communal experience.

By integrating "Moving from Me to We" into their discipleship processes, pastors can lay a solid foundation for new believers, guiding them towards a life of faith that is deeply rooted in community. This resource is not just about fostering initial connections; it's about nurturing enduring relationships that reflect the love and belonging found in Jesus Christ and His teachings.

"Moving from Me to We" is now available for pastors looking to enrich their congregation’s discipleship experience. For more information on how to incorporate this valuable resource into your church’s journey of faith, please visit

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About "Moving from Me to We"

"Moving from Me to We" is a discipleship resource designed to support small church pastors in guiding new believers towards a fulfilling life in Christian community. By focusing on the biblical "one another" commands, it offers a practical and spiritual framework for creating a welcoming and connected church environment.

Next Step for Disciple-Making Pastors:

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