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Advertising Your Trunk or Treat on Facebook

Updated: Jul 1

Every year, our church successfully reaches many people through Facebook to promote our Gospel Trunk or Treat event. In fact, this is the 13th year we've done it!

Leveraging Facebook ads and pre-designed graphics as part of the Gospel Trunk or Treat system has proven to be effective. While there are numerous guides on Facebook advertising, here are some specific recommendations based on our experience:

Create an Event, Not Just a Post

Creating a Facebook event offers several advantages over a regular post:

  • Visibility: Events are more likely to show up in your followers' notifications and feed.

  • Engagement: People can RSVP, ask questions, and share the event with their friends, increasing organic reach.

  • Reminders: Facebook sends reminders to people who expressed interest or said they would attend, helping to keep your event top of mind.

Here's a screenshot of the Facebook event post we did for our church Trunk or Treat:

screenshot of a facebook event for trunk or treat

Use Countdown Posts on Your Church’s Page

Countdown posts are a great way to build anticipation and keep your audience engaged:

  • Daily Updates: Post daily countdowns as the event approaches. This can create excitement and remind your audience about the upcoming event.

  • Themed Posts: Each countdown post can have a theme or a highlight about the event, such as activities planned, special guests, or any unique features of your Trunk or Treat.

facebook posts for trunk or treat

Ask Your Insiders to Engage

Encourage your church members and regular attendees to interact with your posts:

  • Like, Comment, and Share: Ask your insiders to like, comment on, and share your event and countdown posts. This helps to increase visibility through Facebook’s algorithm, making your event more prominent on others’ feeds.

  • Personal Invitations: Have your insiders personally invite their friends and family through Facebook. Personal invitations can be more persuasive than general advertisements.

We used a text to our "attenders" list to ask them to engage, helping boost the traffic to our event organically, as well as the boosted post.

Use Predesigned Graphics

Using predesigned graphics can save time and ensure a professional look:

  • Consistency: Predesigned graphics maintain a consistent theme and quality, which can make your event appear more organized and appealing.

  • Time-Saving: With graphics already prepared, you can focus on other aspects of event promotion without worrying about design.

  • Professional Appearance: High-quality graphics can make your event stand out and appear more credible to potential attendees.


Promoting your Trunk or Treat event on Facebook can significantly increase your reach and engagement. By creating an event, using countdown posts, encouraging your insiders to interact, and utilizing predesigned graphics, you can maximize your promotional efforts with minimal hassle.

These actions have helped our church successfully reach more people each year, ensuring a well-attended and impactful event.

If you want to piggyback off our church's system and save 100 hours of prep, this will help:

Need to plan your church Trunk or Treat? Want to know how to SAVE 100 HOURS in your planning? Drop your name and email to get all the secrets of a powerful Church Church trunk or treat event sent straight to you.

This resource was created by a pastor who has been doing a successful church trunk or treat for 13 years!

I'm hoping to save you a whole lot of time and help you have a "year 13 trunk or treat" on year #1.

Get your hopes up!

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