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FREE Video Workshop: How to Do a Gospel-Centered Trunk or Treat

What You Will Learn in This Workshop

Welcome! If you're a pastor or church leader looking to make a significant impact on your community with a Trunk or Treat event, you're in the right place. In this workshop, Pastor Darrell Stetler II will share his wealth of experience and practical insights on how to create a successful, gospel-centered Trunk or Treat event. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Why a Trunk or Treat?

  • Community Engagement: Understand why Trunk or Treat is an excellent opportunity to connect with your community using a culturally relevant event.

  • Gospel-Centered Approach: Learn how to design an event that’s not just fun but also shares the gospel in a compelling and clear way.

  • Choosing a Theme: Discover how to choose a theme that captures attention and shares biblical stories, like "Candy Through the Bible."

  • Creating a Script: Learn the importance of a gospel-centered script and get tips on developing one that ensures each station tells a meaningful part of the Bible’s story.

  • Recruiting Volunteers: Get strategies for recruiting and training volunteers to decorate trunks, tell stories, and manage the event smoothly.

Promoting Your Event

  • Effective Promotion: Find out how to use social media, flyers, and banners to get the word out and attract attendees.

  • Engaging the Community: Learn how to involve local businesses and community groups to support and enhance your event.

Executing the Event

  • Setting Up Stations: Get practical advice on setting up engaging, story-telling stations and what types of candy to pair with each story. (For examples of Trunk or Treat Trunks, you can also check out this post.)

  • Managing Flow: Learn how to manage the flow of attendees to ensure everyone has a great experience without long waits.

Collecting and Using Data

  • Data Collection: Understand the importance of collecting contact information from attendees for effective follow-up.

  • Follow-Up Strategies: Discover strategies for following up with attendees to build ongoing relationships and invite them to future church events.

Saving Time and Effort

  • Short-Circuiting Preparation: At the end of the workshop, you'll learn how to fast-forward your preparation process and save over 100 hours with a ready-made Trunk or Treat Planning System.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to host a Trunk or Treat that not only entertains but also spreads the gospel and strengthens your church’s connection with the community. Stick around for the bonus material, including a video tour of a successful Trunk or Treat event, to see these principles in action and get practical examples you can adapt for your own event.

Ready to transform your Trunk or Treat into a powerful tool for evangelism and community engagement? Let’s get started!

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