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What I Learned About Disciple-Making at a Funeral

My journey toward creating the discipleship tools called NewStart Discipleship actually started at a funeral. True story.

I was preaching a funeral at a church out of town.

If you're like me, when you visit a church, you always stop at their information table to see what kind of information they're giving, what tools they're using. :) You know, ethically steal other people's ideas!

So I did.

They had a little one page checklist, a "New Believer's Bible Reading Plan." I grabbed it, and thought, "This is neat, I should do something like it."

Then I shoved it in my laptop case, and drove back to OKC. Literally months passed.

I was cleaning out my laptop bag, and saw some paper squished into the very bottom and pulled it out. If you're a procrastinator, you know what happened next... I put it on my desk and it sat there for several more months. :)

One day, I picked it up on my desk, I looked at it and had one of those "YOUR DAY HAS COME" moments. I'm not sure what it was, but I decided that day to build something on that little one-page Bible reading checklist.

A thought hit me at that moment, "What do new Christians need to do well? What habits, besides just a Bible reading plan?" Then I thought, "What if this wasn't all there was?"

The thoughts started coming thick and fast:

  • What if you had a SYSTEM that was crystal clear?

  • What if it was so simple that you could expect a brand new Christian to follow successfully?

  • What if I never had to "wing it" again on discipling a Christian?

  • What if there was a daily teaching video?

  • What if there was journal space where they could write down what they were learning?

  • What if I could help them learn to pray the Scriptures?

So, I built all that and more.

Don't be me during that several months that I had that great idea buried and crushed under the weight of ministry!

Instead, be the me that took ACTION.

In celebration of that, I'm going to give you that one page checklist for free. It's in the email sequence about making disciples in the small church -- you can get it here: You can click here to get the email series.

But I have a lot more I've built... resources to launch this to your church, and more. I'll share that with you soon!

~ Darrell

P.S. If you've got questions about NewStart Discipleship, or you want to see it in action, most of your questions are answered by clicking here.

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