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Free Training Video for Fantastic Church Greeters

A guy came to our church a few years ago, after having visited several other churches in a search for a place to attend.  He told about entering one church with his family, a few minutes late.  People turned around and stared through the glass doors, but not one person welcomed them.  Not one person got up and came back to the foyer to open a door for them.  They felt unwelcome — so they left.  The next Sunday, they came to our church.  They’ve been here ever since.

I probably don’t have to convince you that greeters are important.

But we’ve all seen people at the back doors who really weren’t … up to it.  They weren’t smiling.  They weren’t attentive.  They weren’t thoughtful.  They just handed you a program as you went past.

So what makes a great church greeter?  What sends a greeter from “person who hands out the programs” to “person who hosts the party in the foyer?”  Personality?  Natural charisma?  Experience?

Those might help, but I think the real difference maker is one word:  TRAINING.

See, if you’re not clear about what’s expected, people don’t know how to WIN.

If you’d never played baseball before, when you hit the ball and someone yells “RUN!” — they’d have to teach you that what you’re really trying to do is get all the way around to home plate!  Good training clarifies what it means to win.

So at our church, we have a training document (2 actually).  I just sat down with a new greeter 2 weeks ago, and did training with them.  After I did it, I thought “This would be great to share with my readers!”

So here you go: a free video (less than 15 minutes) that will help clarify what it means to WIN for your greeters at your church:

By the way, this video is part of the Small Church Pastor Coaching Program.

I’ve released hours of video training for pastors… including a complete guest follow-up system, and HOW to implement it.

7 STeps to Build a Killer Guest Follow-Up System - webinar

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  1. how my failure in a key outreach event changed our guest followup forever.

  2. how to effectively collect info from first time guests

  3. how to consistently stay in touch with people

  4. tips for convincing your congregation to start a guest followup system

  5. how to help people see your church as friendly

  6. how to do all this without significantly increasing your work load!

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