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David Fry on Why Discipleship is Crucial for Outreach

Updated: Jan 18

I sat down recently with Dr. David Fry, Pastor of the Bible Holiness Church in Frankfort, IN.  He graciously shared an hour of his time with me, and we covered a wide range of topics in that hour.

A key clip on discipleship from that interview is below.

It was one of the key moments in the interview, at least for me… when David talked about his philosophy behind discipleship and why it’s so important for outreach.  Watch it here:

Wow… that’s a good word for our churches, isn’t it?

Here's the key quote:

“Pastors should discern quickly and clearly where the people are spiritually… are they spiritual babies or parents? If you’re the only spiritual parents, the last thing you want is 50 more spiritual babies who will die without nourishment.”

“If you enter a room with 25 spiritual infants, the last thing you need is to say ‘Let’s go get 25 more infants so I can take care of you all.”

What do you think?  Do we need to delay outreach until we have spiritual parents? 

Where are your people in their discipleship?

If you're not sure what your strategy is currently, why don't you schedule a

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