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Chris Cravens on Getting Away with God For Solitude

I recently sat down with Chris Cravens for an interview.  Chris served as the pastor of Findlay Bible Methodist Church, in Findlay, OH for years.  During that time, the church experienced a tremendous turnaround and solid, sustainable growth.

Chris just crackles with passion for God and lost people.

I interviewed him for an hour, covering all kinds of topics, and that interview will be released on my Small Church Pastor coaching program very soon.

But this was a key moment in the interview for me… when he talked about getting away with God for times of solitude and prayer.  Watch it here:

Wow… Mind blown.

To recap:

  1. Each week, you need to retreat for at least one hour of intense fasting, prayer, and solitude with God.

  2. Each month, you need to take a day for the same.

  3. Each year, you need to take 3-4 days… or a week.

  4. Every 7 years, you need to take a month of solitude and prayer.

‘If you have a secretary and a church board you’re responsible to, they will only admire you for taking this kind of solitude to be with God.’ 

What do you think?  Is he right?  How can you do that?  If you can’t do it NOW… how can you work toward it?

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