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Church Revitalization Coaching Session #4

Hey there, church leader!  Thanks for being a part of Church Revitalization Coaching!

This month, we’re talking about how to get ready for guests at your church… and how to help them feel welcome and get as many as possible of them to come back again and again!

Below is the video and file downloads for this month:


To Download the Handout, click here: SESSION 4 HANDOUT

To download the extra handout “31 Questions for Getting Ready for Company”, click the image below, or CLICK HERE:

To download the complete guest follow-up system, (large file!) click here: GUEST FOLLOW-UP SYSTEM FULL

Please don’t share this material… from time to time, I sell this system as a stand alone system to pastors.  I’m including it because you’re part of Church Revitalization coaching.  If you want to encourage someone to check it out, please send them to

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