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Free Video Pastor Coaching Group

I’ve been silent for quite some time on this blog.  It’s been quite a journey over the last 9 months, a journey mostly covered in sheetrock dust.

My family, with all 7 kids, lived in a 3 bed, 1 full bath parsonage of about 1100 sq. ft. for the last 15 years.  (OK, we didn’t have 7 kids 15 years ago, but…)  Last fall, we bought a 4,300 sq ft home (6 bed, 3 full/2 half bath), and started a remodel process that took us about 6 months to complete.  I’ll tell the whole story sometime… it’s a story full of answered prayers, and God’s amazing faithfulness.  If you want pictures of our very own “fixer-upper,” I would point you toward this video tour I put on Facebook early in April of 2018.

But for now, I’m coming back to the blog.

I’m focusing in for a time on a new idea that I’m testing.  I love

  1. pastors

  2. local churches

  3. coaching

  4. providing resources that save time and energy

I want to do a better job sharing things that I’ve learned over the years.  So I’m here today to announce:

Limited Space Free Pastor Coaching Group

This temporary coaching program will:

  1. be 1-3 months long (depending on how it goes)

  2. be entirely on your own time

  3. enable you to ask quick questions & receive 5 minute answers and feedback on issues you care about

  4. Use the video messaging app Marco Polo

  5. ONLY INVOLVE 15 PASTORS at once.  I’m afraid I can’t handle more than that.

So what kind of issues will I be talking about?  Well, it depends on what questions you ask, but I’m happy to share ideas on:

  1. leadership issues

  2. administrative tools and techniques

  3. outreach

  4. work/life balance

  5. pastoral emotional health

  6. pastoral care

  7. preaching

  8. habits and systems

So, if you want to try it out, here’s how you join up:

  1. Install the MarcoPolo app on your mobile phone.

  2. You might have to come back here and click that link on #1 again… not sure.

  3. Watch the welcome video, then think of a question you’d like some coaching on.

I’ll be watching to see how this comes together, and I’ll cut it off after 15 guys join.  I’ll check out your video questions, think it over, and then record a response.

I have no idea how this will work.  🙂 But hey, that’s the joy of trying stuff… just to find out what happens.

Looking forward to chatting with you!

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