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5 Minute Mentoring: Leading Change More Effectively

Leading change in a local church is a tough task.  Just about any pastor has one of these stories:

  1. a needed change that crashed and burned after it was presented to a church board…

  2. a “church boss” who couldn’t bear to see their pet program canned…

  3. a brilliant plan plan shot down by failure to process it properly with key leaders…

An indisputable fact: Change COSTS.  Financially.  Spiritually.  Emotionally.  Chronologically.

So how can we help ourselves know which changes to take on, and help people process them?

Here’s a helpful chart shared with me by my “brother in the Gospel” Darrell Underwood (MS, USAF, Ret.), who pastors a church plant in Clovis, NM called Servant’s Heart Chapel.  From his years of work in Process Improvement for the Air Force.

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