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5 Bad Reasons Pastors Say NO

Ever known a NO person?  You know what I mean.  They have a habit of saying NO, maybe even before the question is asked?

Well, that’s not all bad.  It’s important to be able to say no when you need to!

But what if NO becomes a bad habit, and you say no for the wrong reasons?

Here’s a quick video to help you work through that:

Quick recap: Here are some bad reasons pastors say NO:

1. They are afraid to fail.

2. They have a negative attitude.

3. It was someone else’s idea.

‘Some of the best ideas I’ve ever had, someone else came up with.’

4. Laziness.

Let’s be honest.  We already have enough people who think pastors only work 1 day per week.  Let’s not give them another reason to think that by saying no just because we don’t want to deal with some hard work.

5. They can’t do it themselves right now.

Yes, this is a bad reason.  Instead, say, “I’ll do it with you for a month, then hand it off to you as your ministry.”

There you go!  Hope your week is fantastic!

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