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3 Things I'm excited about: Small Town, Big Church podcast & Rural Matters Conference

Hey, Disciple-maker!

Hasn't this been the craziest summer? I just finished my 3rd funeral in 8 days, and I'm bouncing back from camp season... Fall outreach is nearly upon us.

I know you're busy, too. I'll share 3 quick things that have been helpful to me over the past few weeks:

1. Small Town, Big Church Podcast - I was privileged to be a guest on Jon Sander's Small Town, Big Church Podcast, talking about "A Pathway for Discipleship." I don't particularly pastor in a small town, but discipleship principles transfer anywhere. We had a great time talking about creating a discipleship pathway that can be done by anyone, not just the pastor.

2. Rural Matters National Conference (Oct 25-27) - I don't pastor a rural church, but I'm really considering going to this conference in Davis, OK just for some connection with fellow small-church pastors, and to share the NewStart Discipleship Tools message. If you're interested in coming, reply and let me know. If we had a group of 10, we'd get a group rate, and maybe save on lodging, too.

3. Free Webinar Coming Up - I've got a free webinar coming up called "Reach Your Community with a Gospel-Centered Trunk or Treat." I'll be sending a more detailed email about this next week, but I think it's one of the most exciting outreaches that we've ever done here in OKC, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you!

What have you found helpful over the summer? Books? Podcasts?

Comment below and let me know!

Talk soon!

- Darrell

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