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21 Reasons Why Churches Should Do a Trunk or Treat Outreach

Updated: Jul 2

Ever wondered how to turn a simple, fun event into a powerful tool for community engagement and discipleship?

A Trunk or Treat event, hosted by your church, can do just that and much more.

If you need ideas of how to do a church trunk or treat, I've got the ideas. But first, we need to talk about WHY you should do one.

21 reasons why churches should do trunk or treat title graphic

21 compelling reasons to consider doing a Trunk or Treat:

1. Community Engagement: It's a fantastic way to engage with your local community in a non-threatening, festive environment.

2. Safe Environment for Families: Offers a safe trick-or-treating alternative that parents can trust.

3. Showcases Church Hospitality: Demonstrates your church’s warmth and welcoming nature.

4. Encourages Creativity: Church members can express creativity in decorating their trunks. Here are a ton of examples of creative trunks for cars and vans and trucks that our church has used over the years.

If you need a planning guide full of ideas, I'd love to share some with you here:

5. Fosters Church Unity: Brings the church family together for a common purpose. I talk about the value of coming together for a fall outreach event in this post.

6. Missional Outreach Opportunity: An excellent opportunity to share information about your church and its ministries.

7. Kid-Friendly Introduction to Church: Provides a positive church experience to kids and families who may not regularly attend.

8. Builds Anticipation for Church Events: Use it to promote upcoming church events like Christmas plays or Easter services. We frequently use this to promote our Live Nativity outreach, etc.

9. Encourages Community Partnerships: Partner with local businesses for treats or decorations, building community ties.

10. Volunteer Engagement: Mobilizes volunteers, providing a platform for service within the church.

11. Discipleship in Action: Demonstrates discipleship through service, love, and engagement.

12. Photo Opportunities: Creates memorable photo opportunities that families will cherish.

13. Prayer Opportunities: Offers a chance for onsite prayer with and for community members.

14. Soft Evangelism: Can include handouts with gospel messages or invitations to church services. Here's an example of something we hand out to kids at our Trunk or Treat:

a trunk or treat coloring book

To find out how you can use this Trunk or Treat coloring book for your church, go to

15. Show Love to Your Neighbors: A practical demonstration of Jesus' command to love our neighbors.

16. Fun Alternative to Halloween: Provides a positive alternative to traditional Halloween activities.

17. Increases Visibility: Increases your church’s visibility in the community.

18. Sparks Interest: Sparks interest in church activities and discipleship pathways.

19. Generates Social Media Content: Creates content for church social media, showcasing community involvement.

20. Encourages Return Visits: Visitors who enjoy the event are more likely to return for regular services or events.

21. Deepens Connections: Deepens connections within the church family and with the community.

"Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." - Matthew 5:16 ESV

Should your church host an event like this?

A Trunk or Treat event is fun, sure. But it's more than that! It's a mission field, too. It’s a stepping stone for some, perhaps, onto a discipleship pathway that leads to a deeper relationship with Christ.

In hosting a Trunk or Treat, we connect with our community, and a conversation that's already going on in our culture. We meet them with Good News -- warmth, joy, and love of Jesus in a tangible way, opening our hearts and our parking lot to the community we're called to serve.

So, let’s open our trunks, fill them with treats, and prepare for an outreach event that promises to bring smiles, laughter, and -- perhaps -- a new start for someone on their walk with Jesus Christ!

For more info on the Gospel Trunk or Treat we do here in OKC, check out

gospel trunk or treat slide

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