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Guide for Praying Psalm 2

Updated: Jan 20

“The Psalms teach us about God and our relationship with Him; that is the heart of theology. The Psalter may be thought of as a portrait gallery of God, presenting us with multiple images of who God is.” ~ Tremper Longman

Understanding Psalm 2

The themes of Psalm 2 are Messianic -- meaning, they deal with the themes of God's Anointed King, the Messiah. The longings and prophecies of this Psalm were fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

Praying this Psalm is powerful in times of national turmoil, difficult news, and concern about political upheaval. Praying this Psalm helps us remember that no matter what the 24-hour news cycle says, Jesus is still the King that God has "installed on Zion, my holy hill."

Psalm 1 spoke of the "counsel of the wicked," and now Psalm 2 describes it. The counsel of this world will not endure the reign of God and Christ. Yet despite the rebellion of the nations, Psalm 2 teaches us that God is sovereign; therefore, we should submit to Him while there is still time.

Prayer for Illumination

Guide us, O God, by your Word, and Holy Spirit, that in your light we may see light, in your truth find freedom, and in your will discover peace; through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Pray using Psalm 2

Using the ACTS model of Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication, read through Psalm 2 and then pray the following:


Look for anything that tells you what God is like or points to His character and give Him praise.

  • “Father, I praise you that you are Lord” (2:2).

  • “Father, I praise you that Jesus Christ is the Anointed One” (2:2).

  • “Father, I praise you that you are enthroned” (2:4).

  • “Father, I praise you that you are a God of perfect wrath and righteous judgment” (2:5, 9, 12).

  • “Father, I praise you that Jesus is King” (2:6)

  • “Father, I praise you for your only begotten Son, Jesus” (2:7).

  • “Father, I praise you that the nations of the earth belong to you because you are Sovereign” (2:8).

  • “Father, I thank you that you are worthy of my reverence and fear” (2:11).

  • “Father, I thank you that you are my refuge” (2:12).

For a video with quiet music to spend time in adoration, you may use this:


As you acknowledge who God is and adore Him for all that He is, confession is a natural consequence. This is a moment of introspection as you ask God to search your heart for areas that displease Him.

  • Confess ways in which you have rebelled against God (2:3).

  • As God leads you, confess ways in which you have rejected God’s rightful rule in your life.

  • Confess areas of your life in which you struggle to submit to God. Are there any areas in which He is not the Lord?

  • In your prayers, take some time to "kiss the Son,” (2:12) showing both love and devotion.

  • Corporately confess the sins of your community, nation, or even church.


This is a time to express gratitude for what God has done and for who He is. Allow the Scripture you have read to feed your thanksgiving.

  • “Father, I thank you that you are a just God and you will not allow the wicked to go unpunished” (2:9).

  • “Father, I thank you that Jesus is my King and Lord” (2:6).

  • “Father, I thank you that you are my refuge and strength” (2:12).

  • “Father, I thank you that when the world fights against us for following Christ, like the apostles, we can pray from this psalm for strength and boldness and trust in your sovereign plan” (Acts 4:25-26).


In this moment, pray for yourself and others that you will be able to put into practice what you have read and heard.

  • “Father, I surrender my life to your rule.”

  • “Father, even though _________________(name) is rejecting you, speak to them today and bring them to a place of repentance.”

  • “Father, I long for your Kingdom to come. I pray in anticipation for the return of Jesus. And I pray that your ‘kingdom would come and your will be done.’”

  • “Father, as I encounter the trials and temptations of this world, help to trust you as my refuge.”

Hymn of Reflection

Rejoice, the Lord is King:

Your Lord and King adore!

Rejoice, give thanks and sing,

And triumph evermore.

Lift up your heart,

Lift up your voice!

Rejoice, again I say, rejoice!

Jesus, the Savior, reigns,

The God of truth and love;

When He has purged our stains,

He took his seat above;

Lift up your heart,

Lift up your voice!

Rejoice, again I say, rejoice!

His kingdom cannot fail,

He rules o'er earth and heav'n;

The keys of death and hell

Are to our Jesus giv'n:

Lift up your heart,

Lift up your voice!

Rejoice, again I say, rejoice!

Rejoice in glorious hope!

Our Lord and judge shall come

And take His servants up

To their eternal home:

Lift up your heart,

Lift up your voice!

Rejoice, again I say, rejoice!

(Lyrics by Charles Wesley)

Closing Prayer

Almighty God, I am grateful that you desire to redeem mankind through the sacrifice of your son and that you ordained that the eternal Son of God would be born into the human race as the perfect Son of Man. Thank you for sending Jesus to take the punishment for our sins so that by faith in him, we may also be adopted into your family and become sons of the living God. Thank you that the day is coming when He will be proclaimed King of Kings and Lord of Lords in His everlasting kingdom. Having been adopted into your eternal family, I am grateful that Christ is my Savior, and I pray in His name. Amen.

Prayer Guide written by Rev. Travis Johnson.

Want to Continue Praying the Psalms?

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