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Trunk or Treat Case Study: Easley Bible Methodist

Updated: Jul 1

Hey everyone, Pastor Darrell here. I'm excited to share a workshop that dives into an incredible success story from Easley Bible Methodist Church, where they hosted a Gospel Trunk or Treat event with outstanding results.

Whether you’re a pastor of a small church or someone interested in impactful community outreach, this case study is packed with insights that will inspire and equip you.

After the video, I'll post some key takeaways. To read a full transcript of this interview, click here.

The Interview:

Key Case Study Takeaways

1. Scalable Outreach for Small Churches:

  • Pastor Jonathan Slagenweit’s church, with an average attendance of 100-115, successfully engaged over 1,000 people.

  • You don’t need a mega church to make a significant impact.

2. Adapting Events to Fit Your Church's Vision:

  • Pastor Jonathan and his team took a ready-made Gospel Trunk or Treat package and customized it to fit their church's needs and vision.

  • You can make outreach events gospel-centered, even if you’re not a fan of traditional Halloween celebrations.

3. Effective Planning and Execution:

  • It's all about preparation -- steps necessary for a successful event, from initial planning to day-of execution.

  • Understand the importance of having enough resources, like candy and food, and the logistics of managing large crowds.

4. Engaging Your Community:

  • Easley Bible Methodist Church used creative storytelling and themed stations to engage children and adults alike.

  • Cool engaging content -- specific candies and biblical connections were used to make each station memorable.

5. Building Community Within Your Church:

  • Involving all age groups within the church, from youth to seniors, can foster a sense of unity and collaboration.

6. Leveraging Social Media for Promotion:

  • Understand the power of Facebook events and ads in driving community attendance.

  • Get tips on maximizing engagement through organic and paid reach.

7. Follow-up and Continued Engagement:

  • Learn strategies for collecting contact information and continuing the conversation with attendees after the event.

  • Hear about innovative follow-up methods, like offering a Bible reading plan for families.

Your Turn: Next Steps Toward a Trunk or Treat

Hopefully, you have inspiring examples on planning and executing a successful Gospel Trunk or Treat event at your church.

So what's next? You can find out everything about planning at this link -- with a ton of church trunk or treat ideas.

The Key Resources Mentioned in This interview

The Gospel Trunk or Treat Planning System

Here's a graphic of everything included:

huge mockup of trunk or treat resources

To learn more, and fast forward your prep, visit The Gospel Trunk or Treat website.

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