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How to Help with Discipleship and Training for Christian Leaders in Developing Countries

In the vast landscapes of developing countries, there is a profound need for Christian leaders who are equipped to preach and share the true Gospel of Christ. And, in the churches of America, there are stirrings of a realization: We have a responsibility to the global church!

How to help with discipleship and training for Christian leaders in developing countries

The Forgotten 85%

Imagine a pastor in the heart of Africa, feeling a divine calling to plant churches and spread the Gospel. His passion is real and deep, but he lacks the necessary theological training. Shockingly, over 85% of Christian leaders and pastors in Africa find themselves in a similar predicament, devoid of formal theological education. This gap leads to a proliferation of false doctrines, the prosperity Gospel, and superficial churches, hindering the true Gospel that is so desperately needed in these countries.

The Need for Discipled Christian Leaders:

  • Estimates say that inside the 10/40 window, over 5 million pastors don't have access to Scriptural training.

  • Only 1 pastor exists per every 500,000 people outside the United States.

  • Lack of doctrinal training has led to incompetence, false doctrine, and spiritual abuse, causing pain and suffering. 

  • The World Evangelical Alliance says the lack of Bible training is the single greatest problem facing the evangelical church in developing nations.

  • Traditional Bible schools will never be able to meet this need without help. Training needs to expand to grassroots settings.

A Pastor's Dilemma

Meanwhile, in the bustling cities of America, we encounter a pastor in a small church. He carries the weight of responsibilities, tending to his congregation, yet harbors a deep desire to contribute to the global church.

But how to find an mission training organization you can trust? One that doesn't take 50% of donations and send them to the CEO, one that is faithful to Scripture?

I do know such an organization, and I've partnered with them in various ways.

Global Impact in Missions: A Unique Partnership

Enter the often-overlooked solution – a partnership with Shepherd's Global Classroom. This organization provides a beacon of hope for pastors in developing countries who thirst for discipleship and training. Shepherd's Global Classroom offers a treasure trove of leadership training materials that can be accessed for free, with downloadable PDFs and a user-friendly smartphone app.

I've known Tim Keep, the leader of Shepherd's Global Classroom, for 20 years. I watched the growth of this great organization from a dream, to a powerful training platform for Christians and leaders across the world. I've even done some teaching work for them, producing the video series "Defending Your Faith."

I can personally vouch for their vision, their integrity, and their methodology. They're making a tremendous difference!

The 20-course study series, is taught by experts in Bible and theology, who are well-traveled and culturally aware... but they're also a missions organization that's orthodox and biblical!

Here's a quick video introduction from SGC leader Tim Keep:

The Power of Free Christian Training

The courses have been translated into numerous languages. This empowers pastors in other countries to deepen their theological understanding and enhance their leadership skills. By offering these resources at no cost, Shepherd's Global Classroom becomes a catalyst for the growth and orthodoxy of the church worldwide, breaking down barriers and fostering a global community of well-equipped Christian leaders.

A Ripple Effect of Transformation

For pastors of smaller churches, this partnership becomes a gateway to make a significant impact on the global church. By supporting organizations like Shepherd's Global Classroom, they contribute to the transformation of communities, one trained leader at a time. It's not just about planting churches; it's about cultivating a foundation of faith that withstands the trials of time, and the winds of false doctrine!

How can I partner with Shepherd's Global Classroom?

Here are at least 3 ways you could:

1. Pray and give.

Pray for the developing leaders and workshops that are led around the world. If you wish to give toward this vision, you can do that here. SGC is a 501(c)3. Giving can fund new translations into new languages, and the Christian leader training workshops that are being conducted in countries around the world.

2. Purchase hard copy materials.

You can buy the training books for your local church, if you like. The funds for printing go back into the ministry. I personally have purchased each of the courses for my church here in OKC.

3. Share this post with a pastor in your network.

Many pastors want to make a difference, but they're not always sure how to do it, or who they can trust. Sharing this will help them know how they can take action!

Seeding Change, Harvesting Hope

Empowering Christian leaders in the worldwide church is a shared responsibility. It's not enough to simply send a missionary any longer. We need to empower the indigenous peoples in an area to be Christ's witnesses! Shepherd's Global Classroom provides the key, unlocking doors to education & discipleship for indigenous Christian leaders. As we join hands to support this cause, let's remember the words of the Apostle Paul: "How can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?" (Romans 10:14).

The harvest is ripe, the fields are vast – will you be a part of this transformative mission?

Question: In what ways can your small church contribute to the global impact of Christian discipleship and training?

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