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How a Church of 75 did an effective Trunk or Treat

Updated: Jul 1

A church in Easley, SC was looking for a fall outreach, and they heard about my friend Pastor Darrell’s Gospel Trunk or Treat. Wesley, one of the congregation, pitched the event to his pastor, Jay. Jay wasn't sure, because he was simply not a fan of Halloween. But Wesley convinced him to consider it further. After reviewing the Gospel presentation and creativity of it, Jay finally said, “Let’s go for it!”

They put everything in place, using the Gospel Trunk or Treat plan:

  • 8 week prep Checklists

  • Gospel-based scripts

  • Trunk or Treat stations

  • Volunteer training slides

They got everyone together for the first time… not sure what was going to happen. People started showing up!

Using a Trunk or Treat to Preach the Gospel to 1,000 people in one night

Here’s what Wesley wrote the next day:

small church results with the Gospel trunk or treat

Trunk or Treat Benefits for the Church

#1: New Vision and Encouragement

“Our nets break!”

I love that. That’s the power of faith and a church working together! If Jesus is with you, it’s time to GET YOUR HOPES UP!!

#2: "Beautiful to see our whole church working together"

I want you to notice one other thing he wrote. There's something about leading a trunk or treat outreach event that brings people together and makes good things happen. It's alignment toward the mission.

#3: Using Adaptability and creativity for outreach

Churches need practice being flexible. The next time Wesley's church does this outreach, I bet they have improved their trunk or treat from one year to the next one. That's learning, flexibility, creativity... super important for the culture of an organization.

In case you're wondering what system Wesley and his church used for planning and executing a successful trunk or treat, here's the details:

The Gospel Trunk or Treat Planning System

everything included in the gospel trunk or treat planning system

Pastor Darrell Stetler II has developed this system over 10 years of doing this event at his church. It includes everything you need to:

  • Advertise to your community

  • Train your volunteers

  • Share a creative Gospel message with your trunk or treat trunks

  • Prep 6-8 weeks in advance

  • Give away a Trunk or Treat coloring book for kids

  • Follow up on leads and contacts

Now, it would easily be worth $497, because it will save you 100 hours of work. But I'm a small church pastor myself, and I like to keep it affordable for ANYONE.

If you're in charge of planning a church trunk or treat, this thing is going to save you some serious time.

So, for a special deal, click through here to get a special price on the Gospel Trunk or Treat planning system!

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