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Case Study: Gospel Trunk or Treat Impacts 1,000 people in Easley, SC

What if your church, with less than 150 people, could impact nearly 10X that many in 3 hours using a creative Trunk or Treat?

It happened for a church in Easley, South Carolina. Let me share the story:

Background: Easley Bible Methodist Church, a small church in Easley, SC, sought an innovative fall outreach event to engage their community. They learned about the Gospel Trunk or Treat from Jonathan (the pastor) and Wesley, a passionate church member. Despite initial hesitation from some folks in the church, due to personal dislike of Halloween, Jonathon and Wesley's enthusiasm and the event's creative Gospel presentation won them over.

Implementation: Easley Community Church adopted the comprehensive Gospel Trunk or Treat planning system, which includes:

  • 8-week preparation checklists

  • Gospel-based scripts

  • Trunk or Treat stations

  • Volunteer training slides

The church was unsure about the turnout but proceeded with faith and meticulous planning.

Event Execution: On the night of the event, the church saw an overwhelming response. Here’s what Wesley wrote to Pastor Darrell the next day:

"Pastor Darrell, we had an amazing response to our Trunk or Treat last night. We haven't totaled the registration slips yet, but we think we had at least 1,000 people, including adults. We planned for up to 200 kids. Some of our people had to run to Walmart to buy more candy before it ran out. So it didn't all match the Bible stories by the end of the night. But I figured running out of candy would be one of the worst things, especially after people waited an hour in line. Some of our members who are Gideons gave out 180 New Testaments. Another man gave out 80 gospel tracts. I'm sure the bounce houses attracted attention, but I have no explanation for the turnout except that God sent them to us. As one of our group guides told me, 'Our nets break.' An incredible night. It was beautiful to see our whole church working together. We give God glory. But it never would have happened without your example and guidance to make this available to other churches. So thank you for what you're doing! For the kingdom, Wesley Wilson"

Outcomes: The event's success highlighted several key benefits for the church:

  1. New Vision and Encouragement:

  • The event instilled a renewed sense of faith and collective effort within the church community. The phrase "Our nets break!" encapsulates the unexpected and overwhelming blessing of the event.

  1. Church Unity:

  • The Trunk or Treat event fostered a sense of unity and teamwork among church members. It was a practical demonstration of the church working together toward a common goal.

  1. Adaptability and Creativity:

  • The event encouraged the church to be flexible and creative. They learned valuable lessons for future outreach events, ensuring continuous improvement and innovation.

Conclusion: Easley Community Church’s Gospel Trunk or Treat, guided by the detailed planning system created by Pastor Darrell, was a resounding success. The event not only reached over 1,000 people with the Gospel but also strengthened the church’s internal bonds and encouraged a culture of faith and teamwork. This case study exemplifies the power of well-planned outreach events in small churches and the significant impact they can have on both the community and the congregation. You can follow this link for more ideas on Trunk or Treat planning for churches.

How Your Church Can Be Our Next Trunk or Treat Case Study

Interested in Hosting a Gospel Trunk or Treat? You can! The Gospel Trunk or Treat Planning System is available to help churches of any size host a successful event. The system includes everything needed to:

  • Advertise to your community

  • Train your volunteers

  • Share a creative Gospel message

  • Prepare 6-8 weeks in advance

  • Give away a Trunk or Treat coloring book for kids

  • Follow up on leads and contacts

Special Offer: For a limited time, access the Gospel Trunk or Treat Planning System at a special price. Save time and reach your community effectively this fall.

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