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Case Study: How Inspire Church is Thriving with NewStart Discipleship

Updated: Jul 2

In a recent conversation with Pastor Keith Lindsey and Dr. Pastor Hall from Inspire Church in Greenville, SC, I was thrilled to hear about their remarkable journey of implementing NewStart Discipleship strategies. Their story is a testament to how a clear discipleship pathway can transform a church's impact and vision.

I love seeing how churches implement the resources and flexibility of the NewStart Program, and these 2 pastors just took it up a level! To see the results, read on to the end.

an interview with the pastors from the church

The beginning: A Vision for Discipleship

Pastor Keith Lindsey and Dr. Pastor Hall have been serving at Inspire Church for seven years. During this time, they noticed a lack of a solid discipleship foundation. Dr. Hall had a vision from God about creating a structured discipleship format. When Pastor Lindsey saw the vision, he immediately thought of NewStart Discipleship materials.

“We were already looking at some of your NewStart Discipleship materials,” Pastor Lindsey shared. “When Dr. Hall showed me his vision, I said, ‘Say no more.’”

Getting Started: Launching the Program

With a shared vision and resources from NewStart Discipleship, Inspire Church launched their program using the NewStart Discipleship Journal and the 21-day Baptism Challenge.

If you'd like a free copy of the NewStart Journal, drop your name and email here:

A unique idea: Incentives

They added a unique twist by incorporating marketing incentives: a t-shirt for each completed book and a $10 gift certificate. They also provided food, emphasizing that just as God provides spiritually, He also provides physically.

The congregation's response so far

The response was overwhelmingly positive. People eagerly signed up, and Inspire Church began to see significant engagement.

"So far, we've had a great response. People are signing up, and we've been graduating people from modules in... services on Sunday." - Pastor Keith Lindsey

The Role of Mentorship

Inspire Church implemented a mentorship program to accompany the discipleship materials. As soon as someone signs up, they are introduced to a mentor who helps them progress through their workbook at their own pace. This personalized approach ensures that each participant receives the support they need.

Dr. Pastor Hall elaborated on the mentorship program, highlighting its flexibility and effectiveness. Mentors act as a spiritual backdrop, helping with questions and encouraging participation. This approach has made people feel comfortable and more willing to share their testimonies, inspiring others to join the program.

Creating a Community of Disciples

One of the significant challenges in many churches is that people come and go without getting plugged in. Dr. Hall addressed this by emphasizing a holistic approach to discipleship that goes beyond spiritual growth to include interactions with friends, family, finances, and more.

“Our plan allows them to start anywhere in a wheel format, not a sequential order, aiming to push them into leadership eventually,” Dr. Hall explained. This flexible approach has been instrumental in helping people integrate into the church community and grow in their faith.

the church's discipleship wheel diagram

Reaching Beyond the Church Walls

The impact of Inspire Church’s discipleship program has extended beyond their local congregation. People have asked to start with a book for their coworkers or friends outside the church. This has led to the distribution of NewStart materials to people in other states, demonstrating the far-reaching impact of their discipleship efforts.

"We have people in other states already that we mail books to. It's going well, and we're excited about what God is doing." - Pastor Keith Lindsey

Measuring Success

The success of Inspire Church’s discipleship program is evident in the emergence of new leaders. Some participants are preparing for leadership roles within the church, while others are gearing up for mission work. This growth aligns perfectly with NewStart’s goal of discipleship multiplication: creating disciples who make disciples.

In just 9 months, Inspire Church has gone from "no clear plan" on discipleship, to

  • 80 people actively involved in one of the discipleship modules!

  • 32 people have already completed at least one of the modules!

For instance, at the time of this writing, 21 people are taking the NewStart Discipleship Journal module, and 5 have completed it. 

They are graduating / advancing people on a regular basis on Sunday mornings. I recently browsed their Youtube channel, and took a screenshot of one of those public recognitions:

recognizing a new believer who completed a discipleship module at the church

Leadership Development is on the way

Dr. Hall shared, “We’re close to seeing leaders emerge from this vision. It’s exciting to see this plan come to fruition.”


Inspire Church’s success with NewStart Discipleship is a powerful example of how a clear discipleship pathway can transform a church community. By integrating mentorship, flexible engagement strategies, and creative incentives, Inspire Church has fostered a thriving environment for spiritual growth.

"We just want to thank you, too, for the materials you put out. This plan wouldn't be working without what you're doing. Your teaching is very practical and down to earth, making it easy to follow." - Pastor Keith Lindsey

Their story is a testament to the power of God working through dedicated leaders and effective discipleship strategies. As I always say, we’re on the same team, and it's incredible to see how Jesus brings us together to fulfill His mission.

For pastors looking to implement similar strategies, Inspire Church’s approach offers a blueprint for success. If you’re interested in learning more or seeing some of their creative t-shirt designs, feel free to reach out. Let’s continue to make disciples who make disciples!

Watch the full video interview here:

How can you get these discipleship materials and strategy?

For more details on the NewStart Discipleship resources mentioned in this case study, you can go to

Discipleship Strategy and Materials any size church can use:

newstart materials mockup

NewStart also includes Discipleship Coaching

This practical Discipleship Coaching package helps you build and implement this full discipleship system in just 8 weeks!

newstart coaching mockup

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” - Matthew 28:19, ESV

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