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An Index of John Wesley's Essential Sermons in Today's English

Updated: May 2

This is the index of a series of posts from the book A Timeless Faith:  John Wesley for the 21st Century by Dr. Stephen Gibson. These writings are used by permission from the author, and may not be reproduced for profit without prior written consent.

an introduction to John Wesley's Essential sermons

The following are a curated collection of John Wesley's most essential sermons and writings, updated into today's English. These sermons and writings will serve as an excelllent introduction to Methodist theology and thought. The links will take you to each of the writings that have been selected.

The selected writings include Wesley’s views on essential doctrines, his distinctive views of Christian perfection, and practical consideration of such areas as the unity of all believers, fanaticism, and Christian standards of dress and behavior. Some sections show Wesley in debate with other Christian traditions, including Roman Catholicism and Calvinism.

Why Publish John Wesley's writings in modern English?

Language evolves. Terms change in meaning or drop from use entirely, while new terms take their place. Because of this process, all writings gradually become more difficult to understand. Because of the extra effort necessary for a reader to understand older books, those books will be opened less and less frequently, until they are practically forgotten. 

Many Christians who hold to the doctrinal distinctives of John Wesley have never read a page of his writings. His sermons are in danger of joining the collection of antiquated writings that only scholars read. The purpose of this volume is to call today’s followers of Wesley to rediscover and reaffirm the scriptural, rational, and experiential basis of their theology as expressed by Wesley himself. 

These writings were edited for conciseness and readability. Archaic expressions were replaced with modern terms, and sentences or paragraphs that were not essential were deleted or shortened. Section headings were added in some places to make the flow of thought easier to follow. As much as possible, Wesley’s style was preserved. In no case was a change made for the purpose of correcting Wesley's opinions or to make a statement express a meaning or emphasis other than he intended.

An Index of John Wesley's Methodist Theology in Modern English

Each of these links is clickable, so you can go directly to that sermon or writing.

John Wesley's Greatest Sermons on Grace, Faith, and Christian Experience In Today's English

John Wesley's Greatest Writings on Christian Unity

John Wesley's Best Writings on Practical Issues

14 The Nature of Fanaticism

15 The Use of Money

16 Advice to the Methodists Regarding Dress

17 On Dress

18 Rules of the Band-Societies

John Wesley's Famous Writings on The Moral Law of God

19 The Origin, Properties, and Use of God’s Law

20 The Law Established by Faith: Discourse I

21 The Law Established by Faith: Discourse II

22 First Dialogue between an Antinomian and His Friend

23 Second Dialogue between an Antinomian and His Friend 

John Wesley's Critique of Calvinism

24 Dialogue between a Predestinarian and His Friend

25 Predestination Calmly Considered 


About the Author:

Dr. Stephen Gibson is president of Evangelistic Faith Missions and director of Holiness Pilgrim Mission. He is married, with six children and eight grandchildren.

His ministry has included pastoring, foreign mission work, Bible college teaching and administration, Christian school teaching and administration, and writing. He pastored Victory Chapel, a diverse inner-city church in Indianapolis, for five years.  

He lived in Ukraine with his family for five years and served Kiev Wesley Bible College in the roles of professor, academic dean, and president. During that time he also taught classes at other colleges and preached in churches in Ukraine and Russia.

He graduated from Union Bible College with a Th.B., from Wesley Biblical Seminary with an M.A. in Theology, from Louisiana Baptist University with an M.A. in Biblical Studies, and from Grace Theological Seminary with a D. Min.

Books written by Gibson include The Prosperity Prophets; Steps of Grace; The Sincerity of God: A Demonstration of the Wesleyan Promise Hermeneutic; Help from the Little Red Hen: Reversing Poverty with Responsibility; and Cultivate: A Discipleship Lesson Series.

Books edited by Gibson include I Believe: Fundamentals of the Christian Faith and A Timeless Faith: John Wesley for the 21st Century.

Gibson is a board member and writer for Shepherds Global Classroom.  His courses include Christian Beliefs, Faith Traditions of the World, Biblical Evangelism and Discipleship, and Ministry Leadership.

To order Dr. Gibson's writings, feel free to contact him through email.

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