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A Discipleship Plan PDF For You

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Many pastors know they must have a discipleship plan, but don't currently have one. The PDF you can get here will help create a clear discipleship plan. It can be downloaded at the bottom of this page for FREE.

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I'm Darrell Stetler II, and I'm a discipleship coach, and a veteran pastor for the last 20 years. I'm the creator of NewStart Discipleship system, which helps pastors of any size churches have a clear plan for discipleship.

I've talked to hundreds of pastors in my free discipleship training and discipleship coaching work. I always ask "What's your biggest discipleship challenge?" By far, the #1 answer is: "I don't have a clear plan." They don't have a discipleship plan, PDF or otherwise. :)

Why is that? Let's take a closer look:

Why many pastors don't have a discipleship plan

The reasons why some pastors just don't have a clear discipleship plan can vary widely. Here are a few possible explanations:

  1. Lack of Training: Some pastors may not have received formal training or education in discipleship methods. Seminary or Bible college education often focuses on theology and pastoral care but may not cover practical aspects of discipleship planning.

  2. Time Constraints: Pastors often juggle multiple responsibilities, including preaching, pastoral care, administrative duties, and more. Add to this, the demands of a family. Frequently, pastors of smaller churches are co-vocational (sometimes called "bivocational") in order to make ends meet. The demands on their time may leave little room for developing a comprehensive discipleship plan.

  3. Prioritization Challenges: It's difficult to say "no" to the many urgent needs pastors face. With various demands on a pastor's time and attention, developing a discipleship plan may not always be given the priority it deserves. Urgent matters or immediate needs may take precedence over creating a clear discipleship plan.

  4. Lack of Resources: Some churches may lack the resources—both financial and human—to support the development and implementation of a robust discipleship plan. This can include resources for training materials, programs, and dedicated personnel.

  5. Theological Differences: Different denominations and individual churches may have varying theological perspectives on discipleship. Some may emphasize personal study, while others focus on communal activities. These theological differences can influence the approach to discipleship planning.

  6. Uncertainty about Effectiveness: Some pastors may be unsure about the most effective discipleship strategies or may have tried certain approaches without seeing significant results. This uncertainty can lead to hesitation in developing a clear discipleship plan.

  7. Lack of Vision: Pastors and church leaders may not have a clear vision for the role of discipleship in the life of the church.

  8. Resistance to Change: Some pastors and congregations may be resistant to change or new approaches. Implementing a discipleship plan often requires a cultural shift within a church. Resistance to this may just be a fact of church life.

It's important to note that many pastors and churches do prioritize discipleship and have well-defined plans in place. However, for those who don't, addressing these factors and seeking guidance or training in discipleship principles can help in developing a more intentional and effective discipleship plan.

So here's what I've done. I've taken my 20+ years of pastoral experience and distilled it into a 35 page handout on how to create a clear discipleship plan in a PDF for your local church. You can download it here for free:

What's in this Discipleship Plan PDF?

In my PDF "How to Build a Clear Discipleship Pathway," I've laid out a simple plan to help church leaders create a clear plan for helping their new believers learn to follow Jesus. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Understanding what a Disciple Is: Get clear on what you're trying to create!

  • Starting Point: I talk about how to make it easy for new believers to get started in discipleship... by making your entrance and pathway crystal clear.

  • Clarifying the Path: I explain how to make the steps in the discipleship process clear to everyone, and communicate them to your congregation.

  • Preparing to Multiply: It's about getting ready to help disciples make more disciples.

  • Finding a Partner: I stress the importance of having someone to work with on this journey, and give practical steps to get a clear discipleship plan fast.

This guide is all about making discipleship straightforward and impactful, reflecting my deep commitment to sharing and living out our faith.

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