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Why I’m writing about holiness

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Holiness is a mega-theme of Scripture, running from very early in the story to the final pages of the Scripture, and soaking into every book of the Bible in some way. So clearly, it’s important — God wants us to know something about it.

Holiness is a neglected topic  

Kevin Deyoung wrote a book recently called “The Hole in our Holiness” — he’s seeing the same thing that I am. A lot of times, the Gospel is treated as the Good News, and holiness, sanctification, growing in Christlikeness is treated as the irrelevant news… like it barely matters.

It can be a bit controversial at times, because it touches every part of your life. I want to warn you — don’t do this unless you’re willing to let theology get uncomfortable. If you’re just wanting to be one of those Christians who goes to church, occasionally shares “I can do all things through Christ” memes on Facebook and your closest relationship with your Bible is when you’re taking a picture of it with a great filter on instagram. 🙂 then this probably isn’t for you.

Seriously, only do this if you’re wanting a passionate walk with God, if you want it to blow up into something that may be uncomfortable at times, but results in greater joy, greater intimacy with Jesus, greater amounts of the potential of God’s grace being real in your life.  

Holiness must increase after the New Birth

I think we all know that there’s this gap in our lives — a gap between what God provided and what we experience… between what Jesus accomplished, and what we actually bring into real life experience. We all know there’s more victory, more joy, more love for God, more committed following of him… more growth in holiness leading to more happiness.

This program is about what God can do to close that gap. It’s not new teaching, or something I came up with. I’m taking truths that have been taught by millions for centuries… that are found in the pages of God’s Word, and just shining new light on them.

If you’re just watching this on the website, you can click the link in the description below to download a printable Holiness Bible study workbook that you can print out.


What if I’m not from a holiness church?

Now, I know there are two kinds of people reading this: 

People who have maybe heard of “holiness churches” and you’re not sure what that is, or if it’s some kind of cult or something.  You’re wondering if this really Gospel, or if it’s some fringe teaching… is it Pentecostal?  Do I have to handle snakes? 🙂  Do I have to become a Methodist?  Or maybe you’re wondering if you have to leave your church or something in order to learn about holiness def and see it grow in your life.  Relax.  I’m interested in you being holy no matter where you are, and growing in that holiness for the rest of your life.  This isn’t about a denomination, it’s about a quality of life with God.  That’s what I want for you. Everything else is details.

What if I don’t understand holiness?

Another group of people are here who are FROM holiness church near me, and you’re a bit confused… you’ve heard different things about the doctrine of holiness. Sometimes it’s been confusing. Some people have been around you who lived it, but didn’t teach how very well. Other people around you may have taught it, but when it came to their life, they really didn’t live it. Sometimes people preached entire sanctification in ways that really didn’t connect with you, and you’re kind of wandering theologically. I think this is going to be helpful to that group, too.

Both of those groups, here’s what I’d like you to do: Put aside your pre-suppositions for a minute and let me say this… all I want is for you to be as much like Jesus as possible. That’s it. That’s what holiness means. So if you’re in for that journey, stick with me. We’ll build a biblical theology of what it means to be holy, and how Jesus grows our holiness, and we’ll chase it together for these 40 days. I think what you’ll discover is, that this isn’t as complicated as you thought, it’s a way full of joy and passion for God and his Gospel and his character in our lives.

If you’ve been raised in a holiness church and you’re wondering whether or not to give it another shot, stick with me.  For the next 40 days do this study, set aside your assumptions and what you thought you know, and what you’ve been taught and confused about… and just flow with this.  

Here’s a word about holiness theology and terms:

This is my attempt to teach what is possible for God to do in your heart by using as few theological and category words as possible. I’m going to (as much as possible) avoid using theology categories, and just let the scripture shape both the container and the holiness content that we’re going to put in it. 🙂

This is a 40 day journey… watch your daily video, pray over it, meditate on the question of the day, and let’s pursue holiness and learn what holiness to God means together.

I’m excited to get started!

40 Days of teaching videos on holiness def at

A Bible study about Holiness is a holiness bible study that teaches on God’s holiness, and how he creates it in humans. Taught by Darrell Stetler II, this 40 day discipleship journey to teach you how to grow as a Christian will take you deep into the heart of God, seeing the beauty of His holiness, and learning to long for it in your own life. We’ll give holiness definition and clarity, talk about what holiness is and what holiness isn’t, and teach you how to become holy, and grow in holiness. The 40 Day Holiness Bible study deals with questions such as:

  1. How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? 

  2. What does it mean that God is holy?

  3. What is the definition of holiness? 

  4. How does God make us holy?

  5. What is sanctification?

You can get your own copy at Http://

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