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Top 5 Posts from the Last Year

Looking back over last year, here are the 5 posts that most resonated with my readers.

5. How to Build a Morning Routine in 7 Steps

Most of the pastors who shared in my survey a couple months ago said they were most frustrated with issues related to time & time management.  It’s no surprise that this one wound up in the top 5.  Few things are more important to time management than how we use our fragile mornings.  Take a few minutes & check it out.  It’s worth the read, especially here at the first of the year.

4. How I Completely Blew A Big Outreach Event

I learned something from this post.  People like to read about my failures.  Learn from my problem, and gather the information you need to follow up well with your guests.

2-3. On Kim Davis, Gay Marriage & Hypocrisy & On Gay Marriage and the Church’s Response

Written & posted in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision re-defining marriage, these two posts were viewed often and shared in those few days as Christians tried to cope with the realities of the new world we are entering.  I hope these two columns will be an encouragement.

1. Why Your Pastor Is Tempted to Quit

I said at the time on Facebook, that this might be the most important thing I’ve ever written.  I still think that’s true.  Share this with your church family, and let it spark a conversation about pastoral burnout in your ministry context.  Don’t suffer alone & feel like it’s “part of the sacrifice.”  Read this and share your thoughts with me.

I look forward to sharing more with you in 2016.  Here’s some of what’s coming up:

  1. The Easiest Way to Do Strategic Planning for Your Church

  2. Top 10 Tech Tools & Apps Making My Life Easier Right Now

  3. 10 Ways I’m Using Evernote to Make Pastoring Easier

  4. The Porn In Your Church & What To Do About It

  5. Ways to Keep Pornography from Infecting Your Home

  6. What I Wish My Pastor Knew About Pornography

  7. How to Start a Food Pantry

  8. 3 Bad Reasons to Start a Food Pantry At Your Church

  9. New Feature: Sermon Thursdays


Would you click here and take a 3-question survey about what you’d most like to read in 2016?  Answering will enter you in a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card!


Look forward to serving you this year!

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