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NewStart Discipleship Black Friday Special

Thanksgiving weekend is upon us! Hope you're not buried under a pile of paperwork. :)

Got an email last week from a pastor whose church is really going through it. I felt the pain. At the moment, our church is probably as low as we've been in the last 5 years, financially.

We're all feeling the inflation / recession pain, I guess.

If your church is one of those, here's what I'd like to remind you of:

Attenders don't pay the bills -- DISCIPLES do.

I'm committed to having a clear discipleship pathway, because it's not the folks who are casual attenders who really wind up carrying the weight of the expense of spreading the Gospel through our local churches. It's the committed imitators of Christ.

Here's what I'd like to do to help:

NewStart Discipleship normally costs $50/mo ($600/year). I'd like to offer you a ridiculous Black Friday Deal on a NewStart Annual Plan. That price is below at the bottom of this post. (Link expires midnight on Monday!)

I'm going to offer you a chance to purchase it at a significant discount.

  • The crystal clear discipleship pathway

  • The done-for-you resources

  • The professional quality notebooks

  • The sermon resources that go with it

  • The daily bite-sized devotional habits for new Christians

All of it... Will be available on Black Friday for an unbeatable price.

Here's everything included:

One more thing: I actually will offer 3 bonuses that will blow your mind. I've never offered these before.

BONUS #1: A 1-hour welcome & onboarding call.

If you're wondering how to use the resources, or you've got questions about how to implement NewStart at your church, this is for you. We'll hop on a Zoom call, and go over all the details, walk you through logging in and downloading resources, printing tips and tricks, and more.

BONUS #2: A "How to Create a Discipleship Resource Table"

This resource includes promotional slides, and this stretch table cover design, which we use at our church. (You can print it with a vendor of your choice.)

FAST ACTION BONUS: A free copy of the Gospel Trunk or Treat ($297 value!).

I usually sell the Gospel Trunk or Treat for $297 (you can go take a look if you want!). But for the Black Friday Special, for the first 5 purchasers ONLY, I'm giving it away for free. This is ONLY good for the Good Friday special, and ONLY for the first 5 purchasers.

All the juicy details are here, if you want to know everything that's included. You can have your biggest fall outreach already planned, months in advance. :)

What's it worth??

Well, if I came on staff at your church and designed all this, it would take 2 years. At an annual salary of $50,000/yr, that would be $100,000. (I've got 7 kids to feed. :)

If you asked me to design it piece by peace, it would look like this:

Here's What You'll Get:

  • NewStart Discipleship Journal - website & 50 days of video teaching + unlimited printing license + sermon series bonus (Value = $897)

  • Discipleship

  • The Obedience Challenge (90 Days to Learn & Obey Christ's Commands) + sermon series bonus- ($897)

  • Moving From Me --> We - the "one another" commands of Scripture + Sermon Series bonus ($597)

  • ​​Defending Your Faith Video Course + sermon series bonus ($397)

  • ​40 Days of Holiness Course ($597)

  • ​30 Day Prayer Guide & Prayer Series ($397)

  • The Habits Masterclass - developing new habits, breaking old ones - ($397)

  • ​Discipleship In the Home - audiobook + Scripture memory and catechism resource notebook for discipling children ($397)

  • The Gospel Challenge - Romans Bible study and sermon series bonus ($597) - coming in Spring 2024!

  • ​How to Pray the Psalms - Study on praying Scripture for new believers + video resources to lead prayer services - ($397) - Coming Winter 2023!


Sold separately, would be over $5,000 worth of resources!

PLUS the bonuses, which are worth an additional $600!

All this is yours for:

$100,000 Nah! $5,000 Nope! $600/yr No, even less.

$197 / Year.

Tons of people are paying $600/year for this right now, but I want to help your church get a killer price on this great set of discipleship resources & strategy.


The special will go live at 6 AM Eastern on Black Friday. Don't miss out!

Hope to see you in the Members Area!

Talk soon,

~ Darrell

P.S. Don't forget, only the first 5 purchasers get the Trunk or Treat Package, so get in EARLY. :) CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

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