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NewStart Discipleship Announces 31-Day Prayer Guidebook

Let me tell you about a little treasure I've discovered in my journey of faith—the Prayer Guidebook.

31 day prayer guidebook mockup
31 day prayer guidebook interior pages

Crafted from my own moments of reflection and communion with the Divine, this guidebook is more than just a collection of prayers—it's a companion for your spiritual journey, offering 31 days of guided devotion, reflection, and heartfelt supplication.

Structure of the 31-Day Prayer Guidebook

Structured around the timeless framework of the Lord's Prayer, each day in the Prayer Guidebook is carefully designed to lead you deeper into the essence of prayer.

Adoration prayers

We begin with the timeless verses of the Psalms, lifting your voice in praise to the Almighty, reminding yourself of his beauty and worth. Then, journey through the annals of Christian history as you encounter beautiful prayers of worship penned by saints and Church Fathers throughout the ages.

Confession prayers

Confession provides a sacred space for humility and reconciliation. Dive into heartfelt prayers of confession sourced from Scripture and the rich tapestry of Christian tradition, allowing your soul to find solace in the embrace of divine grace.

Requesting prayers

Here, you'll find prompts to lift up your petitions before the throne of grace—whether it's for your family, your church community, or the challenges of everyday life. Plus, there's plenty of room for you to pour out your heart in your own words, with dedicated journal space for your personal prayers.

Additional prayer Resources for Churches

But that's not all. For pastors seeking to cultivate a culture of prayer within their congregations, the Prayer Guidebook offers a powerful resource. Through NewStart Discipleship Tools, you can license unlimited copies of the guidebook, empowering your disciples to deepen their connection with God through prayer.

Prayer & Fasting Resources

And for churches looking to embark on a journey of corporate prayer and fasting, we've got you covered. Our prayer and fasting campaign includes everything you need—from social media graphics to daily text message prompts—to unite your congregation in seeking God's face with fervent hearts.

More on using these tools can be found here at how to lead a prayer and fasting campaign at your church

So, whether you're longing for a deeper prayer life or seeking to ignite a revival of prayer within your community, the Prayer Guidebook is here to accompany you every step of the way.

Are you ready to embark on this sacred journey with me? Let's dive in together and discover the transformative power of prayer.

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