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Lowering Your Sunday Morning Stress

Ray Stevens, the great musical comedian, once wrote a song called “Sunday Mornings.”

Chaos, mayhem, panic and disorder Even worse when we were cursed with not enough hot water We broke most of the Commandments and a host of the heavenly warnings Trying to get the family to church on Sunday morning

If you smiled at that, it’s probably because you can identify. We’ve all been there.

We broke most of the Commandments & a host of the heavenly warnings/ Trying to get the family to church on Sunday morning. – Ray Stevens

But honestly, is that the mindset you want heading into worship? Do you think that frustration or discouragement or stress shows up in how you lead a service? How you preach? How you handle those E.G.R. (Extra Grace Required) people?

You bet it does.

Since my wife and I were blessed with our 7th child (6th boy) a few weeks ago, I’m feeling the need to take my Sunday morning routine to a new level to lower the stress level. For me, step #1 is re-instating a ministry in our church that fell off the wagon sometime back when a volunteer experienced some physical problems and had to step down.

So it’s appropriate that today’s 5 Minute Mentoring Video be a piece on how to lower your stress on Sunday mornings, when the “performance pressure” is on.

Here’s the details on the system that I’m tweaking and re-installing:


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