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Introducing “How to Pray the Psalms: A 21-Day Guide for New Christians”

In today’s fast-paced world, pastors of small churches face the monumental task of nurturing new believers in their journey of faith. The spiritual development of these individuals is crucial, yet many pastors struggle with creating a consistent and effective discipleship pathway. Recognizing the need for a structured approach to spiritual growth and prayer, we are thrilled to announce the release of a groundbreaking discipleship resource titled “How to Pray the Psalms: A 21-Day Guide for New Christians.”

how to pray the psalms workbook

Addressing the Pain Points of Pastoral Leadership

Our research has highlighted several challenges pastors encounter in the discipleship process:

  • The absence of a clear discipleship pathway, leading to an improvisational approach.

  • Uncertainty on how to guide new believers in praying the Psalms.

  • A personal struggle with praying Scripture, hindering effective communication to newcomers.

  • An underestimation of the impact of engaging Scripture through prayer, rather than mere reading.

  • Observing new believers’ prayer lives remain superficial and uninspired.

  • A desire to reveal the fullness of prayer, overshadowed by the constraints of time and pastoral duties.

  • The aspiration to extend discipleship beyond the pulpit without a tangible plan.

A Revolutionary Solution for Churches

“How to Pray the Psalms: A 21-Day Guide for New Christians” is designed to empower pastors and new believers alike, offering a comprehensive and engaging method to deepen one’s prayer life through the Psalms. This resource includes:

  • A printable “How to Pray the Psalms” notebook, easily distributable within the congregation.

  • A Bible study elucidating the teachings of Romans and their application to everyday life.

  • Daily instructional videos from a seasoned pastor, demystifying the practice of praying the Psalms.

  • A QR code feature integrating smartphones into the discipleship process, leveraging technology for spiritual growth.

  • A structured, digestible study method encouraging a dialogic engagement with Scripture.

  • A daily prayer guide based on the ACTS acronym, offering clarity and direction in prayer.

Empowering Pastors and New Believers

This resource is not just a guide; it is a catalyst for transformation within the church, specifically tailored for small church pastors who are dedicated to the spiritual growth of their flock. “How to Pray the Psalms: A 21-Day Guide for New Christians” addresses the critical need for an intentional, scripture-based prayer life among new believers, ensuring that they do not merely follow Jesus but grow closer to Him through a vibrant, conversational prayer life.

Pastors who integrate this resource into their discipleship programs will witness a significant deepening in the spiritual lives of their congregation members. The 21-day guide is more than a tool; it is a journey towards a more profound, fulfilling relationship with God through the power of the Psalms.

For more information on how to bring “How to Pray the Psalms: A 21-Day Guide for New Christians” to your church and to start transforming your discipleship process, visit NewStart Discipleship.

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