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How to Disciple Your Kids - Free Audiobook

Trumpet fanfare, please!

After months of work, I am excited to announce a brand new tool for NewStart subscribers:

Discipleship In the Home with Dr. Matt Friedeman

I first ran into Dr. Friedeman's passion for discipling families when I was taking "Discipleship and Spiritual Formation" at Wesley Biblical Seminary. I read his book "Discipleship In the Home" and was immediately struck by the practical possibilities in it. He really put "handles" on the topic of discipling your kids!

I immediately went and read it again with my wife, and we decided we needed to do something about it.

But that's not all:

He's given me permission to give away the free audiobook. :)

free audiobook on discipling your children -

That's right, even if you're not a subscriber to NewStart Discipleship tools, you can still get a free copy of this audiobook, by visiting:

What You're Going To Find Inside This Free Audiobook...

This book was born in Dr. Friedeman’s own home, as the father of six, and in the classroom, as professor of Christian Education at Wesley Biblical Seminary. It is a wonderful blend of practical wisdom built on a firm Biblical foundation.

  • How to create a family discipleship routine using a powerful family catechism for the dining room table

  • Exactly what simple steps you need to take in order to begin teaching your children (or grandchildren!) to love Jesus more.

  • How to get and maintain laser-focus on the most important things for your family

  • How to plan a ​meaningful father/son or mother/daughter retreat and rites of passage celebrations.

So tomorrow, I'm going to give you a link to a nearly 1 hour interview I did with Dr. Friedeman. I can't wait to share it with you! ​



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