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How Any Christian Can Make Disciples

Can busy people, regular Christians, really make disciples?


Let's talk about HOW:

6 Steps toward becoming a Disciple-Maker

I know. It's easy to forget that the call to make disciples isn't reserved for pastors behind pulpits or missionaries across seas. No, it’s a call to every Christian, everywhere, in every era. This includes you!

When I started my company called NewStart Discipleship a few years ago, I set a goal of making it possible for ANY Christian to make a disciple, because they had a clear plan and a clear pathway.

So, let's dive in, shall we?

Step 1: MINDSET: Realize that You're Called to Make Disciples

First off, let's tackle a misconception: making disciples is a calling for every believer, not just a select few. Matthew 28:19-20 lays it out plainly in the Great Commission, where Jesus commands all of His followers to go and make disciples of all nations. It's not an optional side quest; it's central to our identity as Christians. Yet, according to George Barna's research, a startlingly low number of Christians actively engage in disciple-making. This isn't just a pastoral duty; it's a call to every believer, echoing through the ages.

"Every Christian is called to make disciples. It's not just a job for pastors but a commission for us all."

Step 2: Commit to Putting Time Toward the Goal of Making Disciples

Time reflects our priorities. Your calendar and your budget reflect what you really love no matter what you SAY you value.

If we claim that making disciples is important, our calendars should reflect that commitment. It doesn't have to be monumental blocks of time set aside each day; it's about consistently choosing to invest in others. Whether it's a weekly coffee meet-up to discuss life and faith or a dedicated time of prayer for those you're mentoring, let your time investment reflect the value you place on disciple-making!

3. Equip Yourself with a Good Plan to Make Disciples

Without a clear plan, disciple-making can seem daunting. I get that.

But what if you had a crystal-clear plan for how to do it?

That's where tools like NewStart Discipleship come in. With resources designed to guide both new believers and those mentoring them, NewStart provides a roadmap that demystifies the process.

You'll need to equip yourself not with just good intentions but with practical, effective tools that facilitate growth and learning in the faith journey.

To get started, you could download my first step, the NewStart Discipleship Journal, right here for free:

Step 4: PRAYER - Make Disciple-Making a Matter of Serious Prayer

The role of prayer in disciple-making cannot be overstated. It's through prayer that we seek God's guidance on whom to disciple and wisdom on how to go about it. Ask the Lord to bring people into your life who are ready to grow in their faith and be receptive to mentorship. Remember, the Holy Spirit is the ultimate guide in this process.

Step 5: SPEAK UP - Develop a Way to Segue Relationships and Conversations Toward Disciple-Making

Conversations are the bridges we build towards deeper relationships and, ultimately, disciple-making. Here are a few conversation starters that might help transition everyday chatter into meaningful dialogue:

  • "What's something you've been learning about God recently?"

  • "How can I support you in your faith journey right now?"

  • "Would you be interested in studying the Bible together?"

These questions open the door to spiritual conversations that can naturally lead to disciple-making opportunities. To get 25 more questions on discipleship, try this:

Step 6: BEGIN - Start Making Disciples Where You Are

Finally, don't wait for the "perfect" time or situation to start making disciples. Begin where you are, with the resources and relationships you already have. It's about taking that first step, even if it feels small. Remember, Jesus started with just twelve men, and through them, the message of the gospel spread across the world. You never know how far-reaching the impact of your obedience to make disciples will be.

So How Can I get started making disciples right now?

Glad you asked! Here's a practical first step:

Download this NewStart Discipleship Journal, and start praying over it each morning, asking God to give you someone to disciple! Drop your name and email to download it for free:

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