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Free Discipleship Training options for pastors

All the details about my free resources are in this video, and down below:

🌟 Free Discipleship Training options for pastors 🌟

Are you ready to revolutionize your discipleship efforts and empower your congregation for spiritual growth? Explore these 6 levels of discipleship training options, carefully crafted to meet pastors' diverse needs and time commitment levels:

📖 Level 1: Free Bible Reading Checklist PDF

Kickstart your journey towards spiritual transformation! Download our free 50-day or 70-day Bible Reading Checklist PDF to guide your new believers in engaging with God's Word from day one. Click the Image to download instantly.

Here's the 50 Day Plan:

Here's the 70-Day Plan:

📋 Level 2: Free 35-Page Handout on Designing a Clear Discipleship Pathway

Take the next step in crafting a purposeful discipleship journey. Our comprehensive handout offers practical guidance on clarifying your discipleship goals, finding discipleship partners, and more, helping you pave the way for meaningful spiritual growth within your congregation. CLICK the image to download.

📓 Level 3: Free Discipleship Journal PDF

Equip your new converts with the tools they need to thrive in their walk with God! Our Discipleship Journal, tailored to complement the Bible reading plan, provides a clear and concise roadmap for spiritual growth over 50 days. Click the Image to download!

💡 Level 4: Free 1-Hour Training on How to Be 100% Ready to Disciple New Believers

Discover the essential principles and strategies for effective discipleship ministry! Join our free 1-hour training session to learn the key questions, principles, and strategies that will equip your church to disciple new believers with confidence and effectiveness. Click the image to register for this free training. It's watchable immediately!

🤝 Level 5: FREE 30-Minute Session of Discipleship Coaching

Ready to tackle your discipleship challenges head-on? Schedule your complimentary 30-minute Zoom call with Darrell Stetler, the expert behind NewStart Discipleship. Gain valuable insights, explore proven tools, and chart a course towards disciple-making success. Click the Image to Register!

💼 Level 6: Full, Done-For-You Discipleship Strategy

Unlock the full potential of your ministry with our comprehensive discipleship package. While not free, this invaluable resource includes unlimited printing rights, expert instruction, sermon series, media resources, and a 90-day launch plan – everything you need to establish a thriving culture of disciple-making in just three months.

Are you ready to take your discipleship ministry to new heights? Don't miss out on these incredible opportunities for growth and transformation. Join NewStart Discipleship today and embark on a journey towards a flourishing community of faith!

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