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I’m thrilled to welcome you to the NewStart Discipleship blog. If you’ve been a follower of, you’re in the right place, and we’re so glad you’ve made the journey with us.

DiscipleshipRemix Readers, Welcome to NewStart Discipleship Family!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Darrell Stetler II, and I’ve been a pastor for over 20 years, deeply passionate about discipleship, mentoring, and helping new believers grow in their faith. My mission is to provide resources that empower small church pastors to disciple new and young believers more effectively.

You might remember Paul Sheneman, the former owner of, for his insightful posts on youth ministry and spiritual formation. He highlighted the importance of mentoring and guiding young believers. Paul’s dedication to discipleship and influencing the spiritual formation of new and young believers is something I deeply resonate with and aspire to continue.

Here at NewStart Discipleship, our goal is to build on the foundation Paul laid and expand our reach to support not only youth ministry but all aspects of discipleship within the church. We’re committed to creating and sharing "discipleship strategy small churches can actually DO."

3 Resources That Readers will Appreciate

Here are 4 resources that readers from will appreciate:

To all the loyal readers of, thank you for your continued support and dedication to the cause of discipleship. We’re excited to embark on this new journey with you and to continue providing valuable content that will help you make a meaningful impact in your churches.

Stay tuned for more articles, resources, and community engagement opportunities. Together, we can make a difference and further the kingdom of God through

  • clear discipleship strategy

  • effective discipleship materials

  • discipleship training

Welcome to the NewStart Discipleship family! Let’s grow together.


Darrell Stetler II Owner,

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