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Discipleship Program: Why Your Church Needs One

Updated: May 5, 2023

When I established our church's discipleship program, I wondered about what other pastors were doing. So I asked the pastors on my email list to share with me their biggest frustrations in getting new Christians established in their walk with God.

Here’s what they said:

#1: “Honestly, I don’t have a good plan in place. I’m winging it every time."

Yep, I've been there... But finally, I realized that I was spending a lot of mental energy INVENTING! I was creating something new every time, and it was exhausting.

#2: “Some tools are too hard/too overwhelming for my audience."

Definitely. Some tools are basically, “Welcome to the Family of God! Here, have this large textbook.” Nah. My ministry area is full of people who are not really readers — they need something BITE-SIZED.

#3: “There are some good things out there, but it’s hard work to get it workable for MY CHURCH.”

YES. When do you have time to edit other people's content, anyway?

#4: “I’m so busy doing the work, I don’t have time to build a good system."

I get it. People work is messy and busy. We can get so busy working IN our church that we have no time to work ON our church.

#5: “I’m the only one doing any discipling, and there’s no clear plan to empower others to help.”

YES. To be able to give discipling away, it takes some simple and reproducible, so that people can help, even if they don't feel qualified!

Yeah, these guys definitely need a discipleship program.

If you're struggling with how to create a discipleship process that really is clear and workable in your local church, you ought to check out NewStart Discipleship.

I finally got "sick and tired of being sick and tired," and I created a discipleship program.

So in this free training, I give away the EXACT PROCESS I used to create the discipleship system I use at my church.

How to Create A Discipleship Program

The training you'll need to get started is available below. It's about 1 hour long. It will show you:

  • The philosophy behind the NewStart Discipleship Journal

  • The reason most discipleship efforts fail (and the 3 questions you have to ask to succeed!)

  • The 5 principles behind creating a discipleship program people will actually do

  • How you can do it without beating yourself up

So, I won't waste any more time talking about what it is... just click and you can watch it. I hope it helps!

If you are one of those frustrated pastors above because your discipleship program isn't working (or doesn't exist!), you don't have to live with that -- and this training is a clear path OUT. It's available instantly RIGHT NOW.

Discipleship program training - title slide

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