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Discipleship Coach - 3 Reasons Why Pastors Need One

Discipleship is a crucial aspect of Christian ministry, but it can be challenging to implement in a church setting. Many pastors find it helpful to have a discipleship coach to guide them through the process. Here are three reasons why pastors should consider finding a discipleship coach:

1. A discipleship coach can provide accountability and support.

Implementing discipleship in a church can be a daunting task, especially for pastors who are already busy with other responsibilities. A discipleship coach can provide the accountability and support that pastors need to stay on track and make progress. They can help pastors set goals, track their progress, and offer encouragement along the way.

2. A discipleship coach can offer expertise and guidance.

Discipleship is a complex process that involves a wide range of skills and knowledge. A discipleship coach can offer the expertise and guidance that pastors need to navigate the complexities of discipleship. They can help pastors develop a clear plan for discipleship, identify the best resources and tools to use, and provide training on key skills such as mentoring and coaching.

3. A discipleship coach can help pastors avoid common pitfalls.

There are many common pitfalls that pastors can encounter when implementing discipleship in their church. For example, they may struggle with finding the right resources, or they may have difficulty getting people to participate. A discipleship coach can help pastors avoid these pitfalls by offering insights and strategies based on their own experience. They can also help pastors identify potential obstacles and develop plans to overcome them.

Most pastors I know just hate the feeling of having no discipleship plan, or having one they... don't really like.

I can relate. I've been in your shoes.

You spend hours preparing and praying over your message.... You want to see new people saved, but you know that when it comes to real DISCIPLESHIP, a weekly sermon JUST WON'T CUT IT... not if the Devil has their ears the other 167 hours a week.

You know that they're going to need real meaningful time with God to counteract all the influence of the world & the flesh. But how can you get them to really spend time with God?

There’s just one thing I need you to promise me you WON’T do…

Don’t make the mistake that 99% of pastors end up making. I see it over and over again—when they can’t figure out an actual solution for discipleship, they get frustrated for about 2 days...

...then the busyness of ministry takes over again, and they go back to another 6 months of "winging it" on discipleship.

That’s the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

Only taking action is going to get you out of that whirlwind.

I think the secret is a DISCIPLESHIP SYSTEM...

What if you had a SYSTEM -- something crystal clear, that you could realistically expect a brand new Christian to follow successfully? Something you can plug brand new believers into -- that will

  • eliminate the guesswork

  • help them build holy habits

  • help them understand the Bible

  • help them learn to pray

  • and let you focus on being their biggest encourager!

So tomorrow, I'll post

some key principles to build a discipleship plan that works .

P.S. If you're one of those super-motivated people who want ALL the info RIGHT NOW, you can do my free 1 hour training right here. Just click the image to register, and you can be on the training in the next 3 minutes:

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