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Discipleship Bible Study for New Christians

Updated: Apr 28

If you're looking for the best discipleship tool, and haven't downloaded one yet, I wanted to offer you a free downloadable PDF copy of the NewStart Discipleship Journal!

What makes this discipleship study for new Christians unique?

I designed it to include:

  • a 50 Day Bible reading plan for new Christians

  • a daily 5-minute video explaining that day's Bible readings

  • daily encouragement to reach out to a discipleship mentor

  • daily meditation questions to help you meditate on Scripture

  • Journaling space to write what God is talking to you about

  • sample prayers showing you how to pray the Scripture.

Why every church needs a good Discipleship Bible Study for New Christians

New Christians need to be quickly encouraged to get into God's Word and brand new habits. They need something more than simply the 'verse of the day' or scrolling for inspirational pics on Facebook.

Yet many churches have no plan for giving a new Christian a customized discipleship Bible study!

Here are some characteristics of a solid new Christian Bible study:

  • A new Christian Bible study needs substance -- but should be bite-sized.

  • A new Christian Bible study needs to be robust -- but doable.

  • A new Christian Bible study should be Christ-centered -- but accessible.

  • A new Christian Bible study ought to be thorough -- but not overwhelming.

I think the NewStart Discipleship Journal fills each of these needs very nicely.

All pastors need a new Christian Bible study available to them.

After you go through it, you’ll see how your church can give new believers a crystal clear pathway for those crucial first few weeks of following Jesus.

That means you’ll finally be able to stop worrying about "reinventing the wheel" every single time someone new becomes a Christ-follower. If you weren’t already excited, I hope you are now!

Here is a link to access it, for FREE.

If you have any questions as you go through it, I want to hear them! Just send me an email, and I’ll be happy to help.

You can also get some more go-to resources for discipling your church into a deeper walk with God. Click the image below to find great discipleship tools.

Every Christian needs to have a new Christian Bible study on hand

I focus my posts primarily on helping pastors have the discipleship tools they need for their churches. But the truth is, EVERY Christian ought to be discipling SOMEONE! So if you're not a pastor, go ahead and download it, and catch a vision for how you could duplicate yourself for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

This Youtube video helps to explain what this study is:

Does that help?

If you want to know more, get in touch, or schedule a meeting with me to discuss your discipleship needs.

Talk soon,

- Darrell

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