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A Podcast Episode on Discipleship With Karl Vaters

If you haven't heard of Karl Vaters Until Today, you're in for a treat.

Who is Karl Vaters?

Karl Vaters is a Christian pastor, author, and speaker who is known for his emphasis on the importance of small churches. He served for over 2 decades as the pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, a small, non-denominational church in Fountain Valley, California.

Karl is a strong advocate for small churches, and his writing and speaking often focuses on the unique strengths and potential of these congregations. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences and events for small church pastors and leaders.

I was privileged to get to discuss discipleship on Karl Vaters' podcast!

Karl Vaters and Darrell Stetler II podcast on discipleship

I don't know anyone who has a greater heart for smaller churches (and the good folks who pastor them!) than Karl Vaters.

He also has a great podcast, on which I was privileged to be a guest recently. Here's the link to the episode where we discussed, "A Process for Discipleship That Small Churches Can Actually Do."

I hope you'll go take a listen!

Might be an encouragement to you!

Thanks! Darrell

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