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7 Good Reasons Pastors Should Say NO

Peter Drucker once said something about like this, “A prerequisite for a career in ministry should be a 6 week intensive course in saying ‘NO.’ Yet no such course exists.”

Can you relate as a pastor?  It’s tough to find the wisdom to know when to say YES and when to say NO.  Often we feel pressure to say yes when:

  1. The person asking is a valued leader in the church.

  2. The person asking is a new attender.

  3. You said YES to something similar in the past.

  4. You feel guilty about not “doing enough.”

  5. You feel that spirituality is mainly related to activity.

Pastors struggle with all these things, pretty much weekly.

Here’s a quick 5 minute video that will help.  It’s entitled 7 Good Reasons Pastors Should Say NO.

If you’d like a TON more of this kind of content, you need to check this out:

I’ve decided to open up my Small Church Coaching Membership site to any pastor.

Here’s what’s included:

1. Video Coaching Class

One Unit per month is added, and members have access to the ENTIRE ARCHIVE of past topics.  Current and upcoming topics include:

  1. Creating An Outreach Culture

  2. Recruiting and Leading Volunteers

  3. Small Church Financial Leadership

  4. How to Follow Up on Guests

  5. Personal Spiritual Growth

  6. Lower Your Sunday Stress – Preaching Habits

  7. Personal Systems

  8. Marriage & Ministry

  9. Morning Routines

  10. Intentional Leadership

Each Unit includes a 30-60 minute video training, handouts, resources, and links to sermons you can preach on these topics in your own church.

2. Private video messaging group for Q&A!

I use the app Marco Polo for Q&A, and respond as quickly as possible to your further questions on any topic in the archive.

3. Done-For-You Resources

RESOURCES INCLUDE: * Complete Sermon Resource file – the best from 15 years of messages

* Graphic Design Templates:

  1. Outreach Invitation Card

  2. Guest Connection Card

  3. Church Brochure

  4. Plus tips on where to get them printed dirt cheap!

2 ebooks (including early release)

  1. 7 Steps to a Killer Guest Follow-Up System

  2. Top 9 Tech Tools I’m Using to Get More Done

40 Day Church Prayer and Fasting Campaign

  1. Video Messages

  2. daily texts

  3. Sign up sheets

  4. Social Media graphics

* Administrative File (Worship Program Swipe File, Sign-up Sheets)

* ALL 5 Minute Mentoring Videos before they are publicly posted.

(20 topics and counting! Personal time management, leading change, Lowering Sunday Stress, Sharing the Gospel, and many more!)

The Cost

I’m one of those guys who quickly scans what’s included, and goes to the bottom for the cost. 🙂

This $30/mo membership is packed with valuable information that is specifically tailored to the needs of small church pastors. Small Church pastors are incredibly important, but often do not receive the respect they deserve… and too often, they don’t respect themselves enough to invest in their leadership growth!

Invest in your ministry today, and get complete access to the library of small church coaching videos as well as an archive of sermons, documents, administrative helps, hours of recorded videos, and a helpful video messaging private group where you can ask further questions. Find your supportive community for small church pastors today!

My Coaching membership for small church pastors are available here:

My Guarantee:

If you don’t think it’s worth it, cancel in the first 14 days, and you’ll get your money back.  Zero risk, No Hassle.

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