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Welcome to New Start Discipleship! We help churches develop a discipleship strategy they can actually DO. NewStart gives your church a clear discipleship pathway you can use to help new Christians get started right on their walk with Jesus!

Churches Need Better Discipleship Training

Karl Vaters, after reviewing NewStart Discipleship on his podcast for church leaders, said, "One of the top five questions that I'm regularly asked as I speak to other small church pastors is, do you have a discipleship curriculum that you recommend?" Karl talks to a LOT of small church pastors through his conferences, books, and podcast. He's right.

Hi, I'm Darrell Stetler, and I'm on a mission to create better discipleship training for pastors and new Christians.

Discipleship training has not been a strong focus of the American church, and it's hitting us hard. I always say, "We've discipled

our way into the mess we're in, and we're going to have to disciple our way back out!"

So I'm happy to present:

Discipleship Tools by NewStart

creating discipleship strategy for small churches - newstart discipleship tools & books

A Discipleship Process Any Church Can Use

As a small church pastor since 2003, I got tired of having no clear discipleship plan. I couldn't multiply disciple-makers without a repeatable discipleship plan I could give away. So I created one. NewStart Discipleship is a monthly subscription to a discipleship plan. 


Here's what it is:

NewStart Discipleship takes the guesswork out of your church's discipleship process. If you're tired of "reinventing the wheel" or "winging it" every time that someone becomes a Christian at your church, you need to: 

  • Create something that is a clear, repeatable discipleship process


  • Get a clear, customizable discipleship process ready-made for you.

If you don't have time to create something on your own, then I'd suggest trying out NewStart Discipleship. 

A Discipleship Program that is simple AND robust 

Many church have no discipleship programs that are both simple and robust. They're either:

  • Simple (and shallow)

  • Robust (and as thick as the Yellow Pages)

NewStart strikes the right balance. The discipleship program I've created is: 

  • Simple to implement in any size church

  • Bite-sized for brand new Christians

  • Deep enough to challenge new believers to maturity

A Discipleship curriculum that is customizable.

Because NewStart is organized into modules, you can plug-and-play your discipleship curriculum, dealing with whatever the new Christian needs most at that moment:

  • Got a disciple that wants to do family devotions? We've got you covered.

  • Got a new believer that feels the need for deeper prayer? Sure, we've got a module for that.

  • Got a new Christian that is struggling with pornography? We're developing a module for that.

  • Got a believer struggling with Christian community? You need Moving From Me to We.

NewStart is a clear, customizable discipleship plan template that you can immediately implement, yet it stays flexible enough to deal with issues as they come up in the lives of a new Christian. 

A discipleship pathway that is crystal clear.

The dirty little secret of American churches is that many pastors have no ability to offer a clear invitation to discipleship, because they don't have a clear entrance and discipleship pathway.

But with NewStart, you'll be able to offer a clear invitation to discipleship to everyone who trusts in Christ for salvation at your church. You'll invite them to: 

NewStart discipleship Process graphic.png

Discipleship Training for Pastors

So if you're wondering how to get started on discipleship training, here's how you can get going: 

Discipleship Training Option 1: Getting Started with Discipleship In the Church

This 10-session Video training covers practical tips for discipleship ministry in the local church. To register, you can click the image below:

getting started with discipleship training on a laptop screen

Discipleship Training Option 2: Free 1 Hour Training

How to Be 100% Ready to Disciple New Believers... this training is great for pastors and church boards if you have limited time. It's instantly available by clicking the image below.

how to be 100% ready to disciple new believers - 1 hour discipleship training

Best Resources on Discipleship

For pastors who want to learn how they can design a discipleship program for their church, here are the 10 most popular blog posts I've written on discipleship: 

#1: How to Create a Clear Discipleship Pathway 

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