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Getting Started With Discipleship Video Course

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How to Make Disciples in the Local Church

Welcome to Getting Started With Discipleship, a 10-session course on how to lead your church into developing a discipleship mindset. This course is designed for pastors and church leaders to think and take practical actions to move forward with discipleship. 

My goal is to deliver such massive value and practical advice that you realize -- you've got a new teammate!

You're not alone any more! Let's make some disciples!

Download the Getting Started with Discipleship Workbook

Before you launch in, if you have not downloaded the workbook for this course, then you'll need to do that. You can watch the sessions below without the workbook, but honestly -- it would be better if you printed it out. The workbook includes note taking space, and a section after each session called "Action Points" that gives practical steps for putting the teaching into practice.


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Session 1: Developing a Disciple-Making Mindset

Session 2: Get Clear on What You're Trying to Produce

Session 3: Make Your Entrance and Pathway Crystal Clear

Session 4: Plan your communication

Session 5: How to Get Your First 3 Disciples

Session 6: Using Your Worship Service to Promote Discipleship

Here's a link to a list of ideas I brainstormed about promotion. It's not in the video or workbook. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THAT BLOG POST.

Session 7: Plan to Multiply From the Beginning

Session 8: Recruit a Discipleship Champion

Session 9: How to Convince Your Church Board To Move Forward

Session 10: Find a Partner (Think Who, Not How)

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