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What it Means to Make Disciples: Transcript of Day 4

The best New Christian Bible Reading Plan I’ve ever found is one that covers the highlights of the Bible in 50 days. It’s so important in making disciples in a small church, that you get people plugged into something that doesn’t get them stuck!

Here’s one of the disciple-making mentoring videos that I created to help a brand new Christian walk through the first 50 days of their walk with God. Below is the transcript of NewStart Discipleship Day 4:

New Start Discipleship Day 04

Hey, welcome to day four of New Start Discipleship! So glad you're here, go grab a hold of your notebook and let's get started. All right, we're in Matthew chapter 5, 6 today. And quickly word if you don't have one of these, go to the website, the homepage of the website and you can find a place there to purchase these. Alright, I want to just talk to you about Matthew 5, 6 real quickly. Okay, if you're reading today, here's something I want you to notice. Jesus was a powerful teacher, a mighty, mighty teacher, and he taught, because he was also a king, and the king of the world, the King of the universe, the one who made all things and deserves to rule over all of it. Because he was that, he taught, what he taught was the values of his own kingdom, right?

So, he teaches, here's the ethic. Here's the rules. Here's the ways of being in my kingdom. You want to be a member of my kingdom; the kingdom of God is here. I'm the king, you want to be part of my kingdom. Here's how we roll; here's how we work, okay. So, in Matthew 5, he goes in, and he says, a bunch of blessings, okay. He says,

“Blessed are the poor in spirit”,

I want you to stop real quick. And notice something the word blessing is the word “Makarios”, in Greek, it's the word that was originally written in. And it means happy, it means that all is well, it means that all is as it should be. Everything is you have what you need to be glad.

And so, in fact, they called one of the islands, the Greek islands, the happy aisle, the happy island because they said, if you live there, you would have everything you needed to be truly happy. And Jesus uses that same word here, Matthew uses that same word to describe what Jesus taught. And he says, happy are the poor in spirit.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.

When you humble yourself, you go up, yours is the kingdom of heaven. In verse 4, he says,

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted”.

In verse 5,

“Blessed are the meek’’

Which means those who are under their tame, it's like the word for a domesticated animal, their make their strength under control, all right…

“for they will inherit the earth,”

those who are humble and meek, and they have their strength under control. They're not trying to lord it over everybody, and blast everybody with their power, they wind up inheriting the earth, the ones who are humble, and under control.

What in the world? Do you notice how these are all upside down, the way up is down the way to greatness is lessness. The way to have much is to have less, you see how these are all backwards from each other. Now, I want to just tell you that the kingdom of God is like that. It's like that it's an upside-down kingdom. And when you consider the world around you, and how differently the world around you operates from this, this is really, really good news. Now, it might mean that sometimes it costs you something, you got to give some a lot of times it costs you everything, you got to give something up, in order to be glad, you got to give something up in order to be happy. But this right here, is really, really good news. Because it means that the kingdom is within reach of everyone. It's within reach of the lowly, it's not just for the rich and powerful and skilled and talented. It's not just for those who are most brave and courageous. It is for those who don't have power. It is for those who recognize they don't have strength. They humble themselves.

And there's a lot more in this core of Jesus teaching. These chapters 5 and 6 are full of incredible, incredible things about being salt and light and Jesus gives this this kind of contradiction to the normal ways of thinking. He says you've heard it said, But I say unto you, right? So, he'll give like this, that he's correcting things that people have misunderstood about the teachings of God. He moves them from outward things only to inward. I want you to notice that. He says in verse 21 of chapter 5,

“You have heard it said do not murder but I say to you, anyone who is angry with the brother or sister will be subject to judgment.”

So, do you notice that he moves it from only outside to inside things as well? Jesus cares about the outside and he cares about the inside, alright.

Let's get started on the day. You follow through with the rest of it. He's going to teach us how to pray. It's going to be fantastic. Let's get started, Matthew chapter 5, 6.

Darrell Stetler II makes clear discipleship plans possible for small church pastors. He writes about it at his blog on discipleship tools for small churches, and shares a weekly training on how to disciple new believers.

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