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What It Means to Make Disciples: NewStart Day 7

If you are serious about learning how to disciple a new Christian, then you know that they need the Word of God explained in a clear way… and they need to not get lost in an unclear discipleship process. NewStart Discipleship helps to clarify your discipleship strategy by giving brand new Christians a clear discipleship pathway, and let’s your and your disciple-making church focus on being an encouragement.

Here’s the transcript from day 7 of the NewStart Discipleship Program:

New Start Discipleship Day 7

Hey, welcome to New Start Discipleship Day 7, we are ready for John 11. If you recall yesterday, we talked about how Jesus has authority, that he has all authority to accomplish exactly what his purpose is for the world. And he's even able to raise up the dead, he claims.

In John 11, he follows through on it and you're going to read about a friend of Jesus named Lazarus, who died. And Jesus deliberately stayed away after he heard that Lazarus was sick, He didn't even leave and go to where Lazarus was and Lazarus died. And I think this had to feel like a crushing, crushing blow. Because Mary and Martha, Lazarus’ sisters, Jesus' friends, when he finally comes, and Lazarus is already dead and they are mourning. They both say to him,

“Jesus, if you would have been here; Jesus, if you would have been here. Lazarus would have he would live; you wouldn't have died.”

Can you imagine the crushing weight of the sorrow and the “if only”? Have you ever had that “if only” feeling about God, in your life yet? If only he had been there, if he only had showed up?

Listen, here's an important thing that you know, God's never too late. He's never too late. He's always on time. His clock keeps perfect time and he doesn't show up too late, all right? So, if there's something you're waiting on, and you feel like God's showing up too late, there's something you're believing God for, keep praying, keep asking, God doesn't show up late never does. He's got a plan.

And so, in this, the rest of the story you're going to read. Jesus goes ahead and He heals, He raises Lazarus from the dead. Four days after Lazarus was put in the tomb, all right? So, he'd been dead for four days. This is not a situation where Lazarus had fainted. And then lays there with no food and no water in the tomb for four days and then gets up and comes out. No, no, not happening. He would have been so weak and it would have been impossible with no food or water for so long.

This is Jesus demonstrating his utter, complete mastery and control over everything, even over death. He's keeping his promise that he made when he said the other day, He said yesterday in our reading yesterday, that there was coming a time when those in the grave would hear his voice and would come out. And he's demonstrating that he is who He said He was.

When John wrote his book, he said, I'm writing these things so that you may believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that by believing in Him, you may have life in his name. Here's what he's doing; He's demonstrating that Jesus has all that authority, that he is exactly who he is claiming, this is what Jesus did, this is who he was, all right?

So, as you read this today, just let it soak down and let it, I think this is an important point about reading the scriptures, as a new Christian, you got to let the emotions wash over you, okay? You gotta to let you get to let your imagination grab, hold the passage, and let it feel, okay? Because when you engage your imagination and your emotions in this, can you imagine the broken heartedness of the people? Can you imagine the shock? If you're at a funeral, and the person sits up and gets out of the casket, right? Can you imagine the mind blowingness of all that?

You say, now, why didn't Jesus do this all many, many times? Why didn't you do it other times? Well, why didn't he always do it? Why didn't you do it maybe with somebody that you love the past way? Well, the reason is, that Jesus did this to demonstrate that He could do it anytime He wants. But in normal courses of action, Jesus has said, I will raise everyone at the last day. And so, we have the hope of the resurrection, we have the hope of this happening for us and in our lives. And so, just let that hope soak down and saturate your heart, and your soul, and your mind today, that Jesus is God. We could raise up anybody, anywhere, anytime, and He will, He will at the last day. You are going to last forever because you're a member of the family of God. God bless you. Thank you for being with us today. Day 7. Let's get going on it on your journal.

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Darrell Stetler II serves as a pastor at the Bible Methodist Church in Southwest Oklahoma City. He says, “I create discipleship tools for small church pastors, to make them feel as though they have a discipleship pastor on staff!” He can be tempted by Krispy Kreme donuts and a cold glass of milk. :)

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