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Welcome to my re-designed blog!


Welcome to the newly remastered darrellstetler2.com!

I’ve reorganized my blog around my personal philosophy:

Making a contribution to young faith leaders by * giving from my gifted areas * sharing what I’m loving and learning * pointing the way to the next level * providing resources that lift the load

I know.  Ministry is challenging.  And there are plenty of reasons to excuse yourself from the need to grow. Especially if you’re called to a tough place, or have a growing family, or a limited budget.  You can’t hire personal secretaries and coaches. You can’t leave the kids and go away to seminars.  But here’s what I’m learning:

The road to the next level goes through 5 places: belief, choice,  relationship, tools & faithfulness.

I’m no expert. But I’m learning how to keep growing with limited time and money. And I want to share my journey and provide a relationship and some tools.

So here are the things you’ll be seeing around this blog in the next few months: — a preaching resource that contains YEARS worth of quality biblical messages you can edit — tips on how to automate your life and build systems that work for you. — how to build a life that requires less willpower so you can save it for the big choices — how to lower stress in ministry — video preaching help for churches and pastors that need it — ideas for keeping your marriage strong and passionate

How about you?  What’s the biggest growth barrier you face in your home and professional life?

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